Kevin Durant Pays Homage to the Sandy Hook Victims

By Bryan Lutz
Oklahoma City Thunder’s Instragram

For all of the wrong reasons, today is a day that many of us will never, ever forget. There are a lot of things in life that cannot be explained, and what we saw happen today in Newtown, Connecticut is proof of that. This is probably the most sad, perplexing incident I have witnessed in my life, seeing as innocent, defenseless children were involved. This tragedy affected everyone across the country, no matter where you are from. Oklahoma City is a long ways away from Newtown, CT, yet Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant wrote “Newtown CT” on his sneakers during tonight’s game against the Sacramento Kings.

It’s nice to see someone like Durant keep the victims in mind while playing a game hundreds of miles away. This probably wasn’t the first person to pay respect to Sandy Hook victims tonight, but he is easily the most notable. I’m also sure it won’t the last person that pays their respects to the poor families from this horrific tragedy.

It seems like every weekend something tragic happens now, which really puts sports in perspective. Sports are a nice way to escape from things, but in the grand scheme of things, they mean absolutely nothing. Days like this make you realize how fragile our lives really are. And within a blink of an eye, one lunatic can snap, ruining hundreds of people’s lives. It’s just scary — plain and simple. There’s nothing left to say, really.

Props to KD35 for the classy move, though. He’s just one of the many going to bed tonight with a heavy heart.

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