Kevin McHale And Kevin Garnett Share A Touching Moment On Friday Night

By Riley Schmitt


Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin McHale is defying a lot of odds this season.  The head coach of the Houston Rockets recently lost his daughter Sasha but he is back on the bench.  Friday night, his team pulled off a nice win against the Boston Celtics and the ending was one of the best moments in basketball this year.  After the game, Kevin Garnett embraced the coach and you could see the tears start to stream down McHale’s face as he walked off.

This moment was extremely heartbreaking.  I was almost in tears watching in my living room.  The two men are extremely close, which dates back to the early days of Garnett in the league.  He and McHale would work endlessly on improving KG’s game and the bond they have remains strong.  People have a lot of different opinions on KG, but it looks like he is a truly good guy.

We have so many awful things happening in this world that a moment like this should get a lot more attention.  It may just be a random Friday night game, but the moment that these two guys shared is going to be a great basketball moment.  You could feel the emotion as the moment was happening.  I bet that there were a lot of people across the country who started to cry during that.

It goes to show us that sports are not the end all in life.  However, they do serve as a break from the heartbreak that life can cause.  McHale will probably never get over the loss of his daughter but moments like this show that people will always care for him.

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