Colin Kaepernick Wrote Himself a Letter in 4th Grade Predicting He Would Be 49ers QB

By David LaRose
Courtesy- @DanParzych

Remember when we were all kids and we knew exactly what we wanted to be when were older? We wrote letters to our future self proclaiming how cool we would be and how we would have our dream job, whether that’s an astronaut, the President or even a celebrity.

Well it seems that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick knew exactly what he wanted to be and exactly who he wanted to play for. Back in the fourth grade the Milwaukee, Wisconsin native wrote himself a letter predicting his future and it would probably even surprised him seeing how true the letter turned out to be.

Here’s what Kaepernick wrote way back in the fourth grade:

“I’m 5 ft 2 inches 91 pounds. Good athelet. I think in 7 years I will be between 6 ft- to 6 ft 4 inches 190 pounds. I hope I go to a good college in football then go to the pros and play on the niners or the packers even if they aren’t good in seven years. My friends are Jason, Kyler, Leo, Spencer, Mark and Jacob. Sincerly Colin”

Wow. He definitely had his life goals down at a young age and he knew exactly what he wanted to do. Sure, a lot kids believe they are going to be professional athletes but the percentage of kids that go on to actually become pros is very slim.

I wonder if when Kaepernick was drafted 36th overall by the 49ers in the 2011 NFL Draft he thought back to this letter and realized how true it actually was?

It is a bit spooky that this letter is found around the time the Mayans predicted the world to end. Maybe Kaepernick can make another prediction saying that the world won’t end because at this point who won’t believe his prophecy?

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