20 Hottest Female Athletes To Follow On Twitter In 2013

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We are almost done with 2012. That means 2013 is right around the corner. Sounds simple enough, but us sports fans need to prepare for the upcoming year. There are going to be a lot of things going on and Twitter is the place to keep up with all these things. That means we have decided to help fans everywhere by coming up with a list of 20 hot female athletes that will be must follows in 2013. Trust me, you are going to love this list.

Some of these athletes are just people that need to be followed. These athletes come up with great things to say and are always interesting. Some of the stuff may be PR based, but the rest of their stuff gives you insight into their personal lives and thoughts. That is what Twitter is all about these days. Without that social media platform, we would be a lot less informed about our favorite athletes.

Then there are athletes on here who are going to have breakout years. Some of these stars are going to get noticed on a national stage, which means you will be a lot cooler if you follow them now instead of waiting until they are popular. With college basketball starting to heat up and ultimate fighting paying more attention to women, some of these women are going to be must follows.

If you have anyone that we need to add to the list, let us know in the comment sections. People will always want to follow more people. If they end up being hot female athletes, that would probably convince a lot more to join in the fun.

And with that, I believe it is time to jump into our list. These 20 athletes are going to be big newsmakers in 2013. You would be best served to follow them on Twitter now before you end up missing something awesome.

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Dawn Evans


Evans may not be known to a lot of people but she can be the next basketball star. She's overseas right now so her Twitter account is going to be needed to see how she's doing in 2013.


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Michelle Waterson

Source: Listal

Waterson has a chance to become a household name. Her fighting skills are great, which means she will have plenty of chances to win a marquee fight. 2013 could be her year which means Twitter will be a key spot to follow her.


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Amber and Angela Cope


The Cope girls are the first twins to make it in higher levels of racing. I would say they have had success, but that would be a downright lie. They started a feud with Kevin Harvick in 2012, so you never know who they will go after on Twitter in 2013.


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Alana Blanchard


I won't lie. I do not know that much about surfing, but Blanchard is one of the best on the planet. Her Twitter account is a great start for people who want to learn a little bit about the sport and its star.


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Leryn Franco


Franco had a disappointing Olympics but she will bounce back. 2013 might start slow but she will probably do something memorable. Twitter will be the spot to track her.


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Miesha Tate


Tate and Ronda Rousey are going to have one heck of a fight. These two are the crown jewels of women's ultimate fighting, which means Tate is a must follow. 2013 is shaping up to be a very big year for her.


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Angela Rypien


Rypien is probably the best known LFL player. That may something about the league itself, but we will have to keep our eyes on her in 2013. Her Twitter account is always the best spot to keep up with her comings and goings.


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Blair O'Neal


O'Neal has a chance to become a golfing star. It may be a rocky start but she could be a breakout star next season. Her Twitter account has a chance to be the best new follow in 2013.


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Gina Carano

Source: Blogspot

Carano has the ability to become one of the best women fighters. Can she make some headlines in 2013? Her Twitter account will be something that we all need to check to make sure.


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Skylar Diggins


Diggins is a bombshell on and off the court. The Notre Dame stud is going to be a big star in basketball this year and her game will also improve on Twitter. Give her a follow if you want to learn more about her.


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Elena Delle Donne

delle donne
Nelson Chenault USA TODAY SPORTS

If Delle Donne can lead her team to a Final Four, she is going to be one of the most known players in college basketball. Her Twitter game may not be the best right now, but if we all follow, she might pick it up.


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Candace Parker


Possibly the best female basketball player on the planet, Parker is always one that entertains. You may not like women's basketball, but don't let that cloud your judgment of Parker. Her account is legit.


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Jace Williams


Williams may not be playing college softball anymore, but she should still have a good 2013. She is an absolute babe, which means her Twitter account is a must for any sports fan out there.


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Lolo Jones


Jones has taken up bobsledding, which gives us a new reason to follow her in 2013. Could she eventually end up on the Winter Olympics team? Plus, she might have a moment where she needs to put her foot in her mouth on Twitter. Those are always fun.


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Alex Morgan

Source: policy.mic

Morgan may not have much to do in 2013, but she always has something interesting to say. Her Olympics exploits were awesome so she might have something up her sleeve this coming year. Twitter might be the place she reveals it.


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Natalie Gulbis


Gulbis is one heck of a golfer. She may have disappeared from the public eye a bit, but I expect a big year from her in 2013. If not, her Twitter account might end up being the best thing about her.


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Hope Solo

Source: ABC News

Solo is always going to be in headlines. Her marriage to Jerramy Stevens is going to be a time bomb. if you want the best way to keep track of this odd pairing, use Solo's account to keep up.


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Danica Patrick


Patrick is making the jump to the Sprint Cup series in 2013. If she can bring home her first NASCAR win, I bet that a lot of people are going to jump back on her bandwagon. In the meantime, her Twitter account can work as a substitute.


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Caroline Wozniacki

Source: iball711

Some see her as a tennis star while others see her as the girlfriend of Rory McIlroy. Either way, she is going to dominate headlines next year. That is why her Twitter account is a must for all sports fans.


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Ronda Rousey

Source: ESPN

The UFC has put a lot of eggs in the Rousey basket. Can she make women's ultimate fighting a must see event? We know that her Twitter will need to be watched in 2013.


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