North Alabama Player Deserves To Be Kicked Off Team For Senseless Tweet

By Ben Grimaldi
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There’s an old saying which I’m sure we’re all aware of and it goes like this this: what goes around comes around. Well, it’s come around for Bradley Patterson.

Patterson is the person who tweeted this message when the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots were just underway on Sunday night, only to be interrupted by President Barack Obama’s speech on the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School:

“Take that n****r off the tv, we wanna watch football.”

Patterson also plays college football for the Division II school the University of North Alabama, where he’s a long snapper. Actually, I should have written that’s where he played because according to, Patterson has been kicked off the team because of his tweet. They also report Patterson’s Twitter page has been shut down.

I love football too, but sometimes there are more important things in the world and the events in Newtown, CT certainly were much more important than a football game. The President’s speech, no matter your race or political affiliation, was paramount to the football game. If Patterson had an issue with the game being interrupted, he could have watched the game on CNBC like I did.

Patterson should be ashamed of what he wrote, there is no call for type of language or behavior at anytime, but especially not when a tragedy occurs. Right now there are parents of 20 school children, as well as friends and family of all the 28 people massacred in Newtown, who are hurting from the tragic event that occurred. I’m sure they would’ve rather watched a football game instead of grieving over the loss of a loved one. Perhaps he should have thought about them before he wrote such an angry, insensitive and racist tweet.

Of course there is also the issue of racism in the United States, particularly with the stereotype in the south. Patterson has not done himself or the state of Alabama any favors by using a racist term on a public platform. Fortunately, the University of North Alabama made the correct decision in releasing Patterson from the team and they should be applauded for it.

Sometimes it’s better to hold your tongue than to say anything and it’s a lesson Bradley Patterson has learned the hard way.

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