Providence College Blocks Off 26 Seats At Basketball Game As Tribute To Newtown Victims

By Riley Schmitt
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Providence had a basketball game on Tuesday but that is not the reason for this story. The real reason for the story is the tribute that they had for the Newtown victims. They blocked off 26 seats as a reminder of the victims that were lost last week.


That is quite the interesting way to do a tribute. It is quite powerful and I hope that more schools take note of this. It may seem simple at the time but the message is not lost. A lot of people are going to see this and admire it. It is very well done.

This tragedy has affected a lot of people.  Most of the country is still in mourning and seeing this tributes is a part of helping the healing process.  It will be impossible to fully recover from such a tragedy, but things like this will slowly help things return to normal.  That is what sports are attempting to do.

Sports can be used as a way to help people return to their normal lives.  They serve as a distraction that allow us to have a break from the tragedies that surround us.  We have seen a ton of people come up with amazing tributes and things like this are only getting better.

Whoever came up with this idea needs to be congratulated.  It is extremely simple but very tasteful.  The tragedy will not be forgotten but tributes like this can keep the victims memories alive for a long time.


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