A Very NBA Christmas Brought to You by The Basketball Jones

By Bryan Lutz

Christmas time is almost here, which means its godawful music will finally be put to rest. I honestly cannot think of anything worse than Christmas music. There are maybe five good songs out of the thousands that are force fed to us every year, yet more and more keep happening and radio stations think it’s cool to have Christmas music 24/7. The best Christmas songs, that I can remember, are ones that are meant to mock the originals, which is why this video by The Basketball Jones and the NBA is pure gold. Gold, Jerry! Gold! Some NSFWish language is included:


I really cannot decide what my favorite song is, it might be the one about Skip Bayless, considering he is one gigantic tool. The one about Gregg Popovich resting his players is also a thing of beauty. Anyways, this song pretty much sums up a lot my beliefs on the NBA, seeing as I think the NBA regular season is the most pointless thing in all of sports.

I kind of wish these guys made a song for the NFL or MLB, since there are plenty of things they could make fun of from both sports. For the NFL,  commissioner Roger Goodell is definitely an easy target, because he is the worst commissioner that every commissioned in the history of commissioning. And for MLB, nothing works better than a good steroids joke, right Melky Cabrera?

Any who, this song rocks and made my day, so give it a listen and make your day better, too!

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