Fifth Grader Julian Newman Starts For His High School Basketball Team

By Riley Schmitt

Julian Newman is not your average 5th grader.  He may just stand 4’5, but he happens to play high school basketball.  Not only does he play, he happens to start.  Yes, a fifth grader plays high school basketball in Florida.

He starts for Downey Christian in Orlando and he is quickly becoming a household name.  He is one of the best players on the team and he is only getting better.  Of course, you would hope that a 5th grader would be able to improve on his skills after playing varsity basketball.

Oh yeah, they announced his name and the whole deal,” said Crooms Academy head coach Don Smith, an opponent of Downey Christian’s last week. “Downey Christian is a real small private school and they put a little bit of anybody out there. He’s a little bitty thing, but he’s very talented.”

Apparently the kid once dropped 91 points in a middle school game.  I can only dream of scoring that many points in a game so I give big ups to Newman on that.

He wants to play big time college basketball and who can blame him?  If you are good enough to play basketball at the varsity level in 5th grade, you should be able to pick any college that you want.  That is how you know he is good.  Expect to hear about him a lot in the coming years.  When you have a story like this, you are going to be noticed in the national media.  That might be a double-edged sword but I think he is going to be handle the pressure.

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