Gerald Henderson Throws Down On Dwight Howard

By Riley Schmitt

Gerald Henderson decided that he wanted to throw down one of the best dunks of the season. The Charlotte Bobcats swingman threw down all over Dwight Howard in Tuesday night’s contest. The game was a lot closer than people expected and this dunk was the best highlight of the game.

That is just a violent dunk.  There is absolutely nothing that you can do to stop that.  It looked like Henderson was shot out of a cannon on that.  He skied through the air on that.  Poor Howard is on the poster but he had no way to try to stop it.  That is how you know something was awesome.

Expect to see this play all over the highlights for the next day or so.  It is going to be a play that you here about for the next few days.  It is not the best dunk of the season but is going to be in the conversation.  The best part about this is that it was completely unexpected.  No one expected a guy like Henderson to get way up on a play like this.

This game was very entertaining.  A lot of people are hoping to see the Los Angeles Lakers have a complete meltdown.  Games like this are what make basketball so much fun.  You never know what you are going to see and plays like this fit that bill.

You really can’t beat this action.  Every night there is something new.  Expect the unexpected and poster dunks fit that description.

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