The 30 Hottest Females in Sports for 2012

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Sexiest Females of 2012


As the year is coming to an end, it’s time to assess the hottest female athletes from 2012.

With the 2012 London Olympics occurring this summer, the spectrum of women athletes was very large this year. During the Olympics, the whole world gets to see people from anywhere and everywhere.

Although the majority of athletes on this list hail from the United States, there are a few that were added from other countries. These are the women that stood out during the Olympic games and caught the eye of many Americans.

But not all of these athletes were competing in the Olympics. Of course you have to include the sports that are not in the Olympic games.

Golf and surfing seem to hold the reigns this year for hott females in non-Olympic sports. However, there are a couple of winter sports girls that made the cut too.

But when you think about it long and hard, the athletes of the winter sports will have their time to shine during the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

When it comes to female athletes, it doesn’t matter if they’re blonde or brunette; most people are more concerned if they have the hott body or the pretty face.

Many of the women on the top-30 have been featured modeling in magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Maxim or ESPN. However, their professional career is still playing sports.

This list can make you think twice when you associate female athletes with sports. There are more hott athletes out there than you’d think, especially when you take them out of their uniforms and put them in a modeling photoshoot.

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Maria Sharapova


She's been known in the tennis and modeling world for years but this Russian star now has the net worth of $24.5 million according to Forbes.

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Sanya Richards-Ross

Andrew P. Scott- USA Today

She's originally from Jamaica but Richards-Ross was a member on the USA Women's Track and Field team during the 2012 London Olympics. She brought home gold in the 400m and led the team as the anchor to get gold in the 4x400m relay.

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Hope Solo


Everyone knows Hope Solo and her soccer skills for the USA Women's Soccer team. However some are now considering her a "hott mess" after marrying NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens after he allegedly abused her domestic abuse.

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Cope Twins (Amber and Angela)


These blonde bombshells he first set of twins to become NASCAR drivers.

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Leryn Franco


She didn't win a medal during the 2012 London Olympics but this Paraguayan javelin thrower can definitely succeed in the modeling world.

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Voula Papachristou


This greek triple jumper may have been banned from the 2012 London Olympics for her racist tweets but her looks made her well known throughout the world.

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Kaylyn Kyle


Kyle is a Canadian Soccer player for the Vancouver Whitecaps and helped her national team win the bronze at the 2012 London Olympics. She also serves as an ambassador for the "Right to Play" organization which represents her ability to be a role model for children around the world.

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Sophie Horn


This golfer may not be in the LPGA quite yet but she was featured in Maxim as one of the world's sexiest golfers.

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Ellen Hoog


Hoog plays for the Netherlands National Field Hockey team; her team placed gold in the 2012 London Olympics.

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Darya Klishina


This Russian long jumper didn't participate in the 2012 London Olympics so that she could focus on her modeling career. Even though she didn't compete, many people considered her one of the hottest athletes of the year so modeling was a good decision on her half.

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Chanelle Sladics


Sladics was born and raised in California. As a youngster, she was a skateboarder, swimmer, water skiier and even participated in roller hockey. Three days into her snowboarding career she was already being recruited for a slope-style competition and took home 2nd place.

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Natalie Gulbis


Gulbis is a professional golfer for the LPGA tour however her best moment this year was posing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition after having her swimsuit body-painted on her.

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Danica Patrick


The most successful woman in American open-wheel racing, she is the only female to ever win a race. She also holds the highest placing position for a woman in the IndyCar Series placing 3rd at the Indianapolis 500. These days, she is being noticed more for her modeling career than her racing accomplishments.

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Lolo Jones


She may not have won a medal for the USA Women's Track and Field team but this hurdler's toned body got her to be considered one of the hottest track stars in the world for 2012.

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Heather Mitts


Mitts played on the USA Women's Soccer team in the 2012 London Olympics and is married to NFL quarterback A.J. Feely.

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Allyson Felix

Kyle Terada- USA Today

Felix contributed to 3 gold medals for the USA Women's Track and Field team at the 2012 London Olympics with her 200m sprint, 4x100m relay and 4x400m relay.

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Kim Glass


Kim Glass is a member of the USA Indoor Volleyball team. However, on the side she has done photoshoots for Sports Illustrated and ESPN and she became known as one of the sexiest olympians this summer.

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Jessica Hardy


She tested for positive for illegal substances in 2008 by the United States Anti-Doping Agency but this swimmer came back and made it into the 2012 London Olympics and came home with a gold and bronze medal.

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Anastasia Ashley


This 25 year-old surfer debuted after a documentary on MTV in 2010. Since then, she has had men turning heads on the beach with her sexy photoshoots.

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Antonija Misura


This Croatian basketball player is considered to look more like a beauty queen than a professional athlete.

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Blair O'Neal


Blair O'Neal is known in the professional golf world for winning MVP on the TV show, The Big Break. However, some now know her better for her photoshoots with Maxim.

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Stephanie Rice


With three gold medals and three world records in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, her expectations were high in London this summer. However, Rice suffered a potentially career ending shoulder injury and it is highly doubtful that she will return to the sport.

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Jennifer Kessy


I don't know what it is about beach volleyball but the USA women's teams tend to dominate. Although she didn't get the gold, her and April Ross came home with the silver medal after losing to the wold-renound USA team ofMisty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings.

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Erica Hosseini


This surfer hails from the state of California and began surfing competitively at the age of 13. Her surfing career has lead her to modeling with numerous sponsors.

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Maria Kirilenko


This Russian tennis star came home with a bronze medal this summer. She was featured in Sports Illustrated a few years ago but became re-introduced to the world as a sexy tennis star.

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Meghan Hardin


Hardin is another golfer that was featured on the TV show, Big Break. Actually, she was the youngest competitor on the show at the age of 19. She isn't quite in the LPGA yet but is expected to make it sometime soon.

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Alana Blanchard


Blanchard is a professional surfer and bikini model for Rip Curl which has led her to being named as the world's hottest pro surfer.

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Alex Morgan

Kevin Jairaj- USA Today

Alex Morgan is another USA Women's Soccer player. However, she was also featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition this past year.

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Michelle Jenneke


Jenneke wasn't well known until the 2012 London Olympics where she competed for Australia as a hurdler. She became a viral hit when she began warming up before a race; except her warm-up consisted of dancing and shaking her hips rather than stretching.

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