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John Daly Finally Has His Own Brand of Alcoholic Beverages

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All I have to say, is that it’s about time. John Daly finally has his own brand of alcoholic beverages.

Anyone who knows their way around a bar has probably known about the drink for years. It’s simple, you start with an Arnold Palmer (tea and lemonade), and you add some vodka. All of a sudden, you’ve got yourself a John Daly. It’s a Palmer with little extra go-juice in it, perfect for a summer day.

Why it took this long for Daly to capitalize on one of his most notorious activities, is beyond me. This has marketing gold written all over it. Tons of people like to drink, and tons of them like to play golf, so what better drink to sneak into your golf bag then a name brand John Daly beverage.


The only problem is that the drinks are currently only available in two states: Arizona and California. Hopefully if sales go as I think they will, the company will expand across the rest of the United States…

People will hate on John Daly because he does drink and smoke, and because he’s not a good role model for kids. I say so what, you can choose to ignore Daly. I just enjoy him for the entertainment value. There’s no one else like him on the PGA tour.

Even though he’s not that great at golf, he’s still a draw for the tour. People like myself enjoy rooting for him just because he is kind of a train wreck. The guy is clearly different, and that’s a good thing in my mind. We don’t need more boring golfers, there’s enough of them to go around.

Does Daly play golf merely for the paychecks at this point? Probably, but good for him. If that is the case, hopefully his drink line does well, and he can retire someday in the near future.

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