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10 NFL Coaches Likely to Lose Their Jobs in 2013

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NFL Coaches in the Hot-Seat

Source: Tim Heithman- USA Today

With the 2012-2013 NFL season coming to an end, rumors have been flying everywhere of which coaches will be fired.

It’s predicted that there will be many fired before the beginning of the 2013-2014 and the coaches highlighted on this list should be the most concerned. It has been a year of unexpected upsets, tragic incidents and some horrible losses.

There isn’t one specific reason that these ten coaches should be fired, they each have failed their teams in their own unique way. This doesn’t just include on-field performance of their team; it also includes incidents off the field.

Head coaches are supposed to watch over their teams on all levels and some of them just can’t put the pieces together. Whether it’s special teams, offense, defense, or off-field issues, head coaches always have the potential to get someone else in there to help out and these coaches just don’t seem to grasp that concept.

Many of these teams have the athletic talent but just need that last piece to the puzzle to have a successful season. By getting a new head coach into many of these teams, the teams could at leas be on the right track to have a winning season.

There is one coach in particular that is strictly in the hot-seat for these next two games so I didn’t add him to the list quite yet so i'll just give him a little mention.

This is Jason Garrett (pictured above) for the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones specifically said that Garrett’s “window is closing” for him to reach the playoffs. Without an NFC East title or wildcard-slot in the playoffs, Jones can consider himself gone and he has two games to prove himself worthy.

It is possible that these 10 coaches will not be fired when this season comes to an end but you can bet that a majority of them will be. For those that manage to keep their jobs for next season, be aware that you’re in hot waters for next year.

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Norv Turner (San Diego Chargers)

Source: Jake Roth- USA Today

This was Norv Turner’s last chance to make it to the playoffs for the San Diego Chargers after failing the last two years. It was a very unpopular and disliked decision by fans for Chargers’ president Dean Spanos to keep Turner and GM A.J. Smith for this season.

Turner definitely failed on those terms. The Chargers are sitting at 5-9 with two games left in the season. Turner simply doesn’t have what it takes to make it to post-season play. If he miraculously keeps his job after this season, Chargers’ fans are sure to cause uproar.

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Jim Schwartz (Detrioit Tigers)

Source: Brace Hemmigarn- USA Today

There are many reasons that Detroit Lions may fire head coach Jim Schwartz. He has had multiple players with on-field issues of aggression and off-field problems with constant arrests. His offense isn’t playing at its level of ability and the defense doesn’t exactly exist.

Between getting outcoached and getting maintaining an undisciplined team, all the fingers are going to be pointed at Schwartz; someone else needs to step in to turn the team around.

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Andy Reid (Philadephia Eagles)

Source: Kim Klement- USA Today

The Philadelphia Eagles are currently sitting on a 4-10 record this season with head coach Andy Reid. He’s been the head coach since 1999 and it looks like his career with the Eagles may be ending in the next few weeks. It hasn’t exactly been an easy year for Reid after dealing with the death of his son due to an accidental overdose of heroin during training camp at Lehigh University.

Once it’s all said and done, it’s just time for Reid to go. He has led the Eagles to 7 NFC titles, 9 playoff appearances and one trip to the Superbowl during his career. But his team was filled with high expectations this season and Ryan just couldn’t lead them through to have a successful ending.

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Lovie Smith (Chicago Bears)

Source: Kyle Terada- USA Today

The Chicago Bears had a great start to this season going 7-1 and were expected to clinch the division fairly easily after the Green Bay Packers had some highly unexpected losses. But Lovie Smith failed at that miserably leading the team to go 1-5 after the great start. There have already been rumors that contract discussions are at a halt with the Bears and Smith.

If they win their next two games then Lovie may not find himself in the hot-seat but a loss tomorrow’s game could put his head coaching job on-the-line. Although Smith has been with Chicago for 9 years now, he is not going to satisfy the fans with great starts and horrible finishes like he has the last two seasons.

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Chan Gailey (Buffalo Bills)

Source: Timothy T. Ludwig- USA Today

When Chan Gailey was hired in 2010, his goal was to get the Buffalo Bills back into the NFL playoffs. However they now currently hold the longest streak in the league for not making the playoffs, 13 years. It’s not that the Bills don’t have the talent; it’s the fact that Gailey isn’t the best when it comes to making last minute decisions.

They’re one of those teams that basically die in the 4th quarter and manage to find a way to lose. His lack of improvement with special teams and defense shows that Gailey may be better fit as an offensive coordinator in the league.

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Ken Whisenhunt (Arizona Cardinals)

Source: Bruce Klukhohn- USA Today

Ken Whisenhunt was hired as the Arizona Cardinals head coach in 2007. He led the team to Superbowl XLIII in his second season. But since quarterback Kurt Warner retired, the team has been going downhill. They may have had a quick start for the 2012-2013 season by winning their first four games but the team then had an excruciating nine game losing streak.

The 58-0 shutout against the Seattle Seahawks officially put Whisenhut on the edge of termination. If the organization doesn’t fire him, it would be a huge surprise. Judging by the fact Arizona’s offense is ranked #32 in the NFL, Whisenhut may have better luck in a college football setting.

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Rex Ryan (New York Jets)

Source: Bob DeChiara- USA Today

New York Jets fans seem to have a love-hate view on Rex Ryan’s coaching ability. Ryan particularly fails when it comes to the quarterback position, especially with Tim Tebow. Ryan was never interested in Tebow but the Jets management was.

Ryan demonstrated his opinion when he announced that he will be bypassing Tebow in the lineup this week and Greg McElroy will be the starting quarterback for tomorrow’s game against the San Diego Chargers. Keep in mind that starting quarterback Mark Sanchez is benched due to his four interceptions on Monday; it took a lot of criticism from fans this week before Ryan finally announced his decision to bench Sanchez.

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Romeo Crennel (Kansas City Chiefs)

Source: David Richard- USA Today

The Kansas City Chiefs are currently tied with the Jacksonville Jaguars for the worst record in the league at 2-12. Romeo Crennel’s case is pretty complicated though; he was named head coach before the 14th game in the 2011 season after Todd Haley was terminated.

Soon after that he was promoted to become the permanent head coach but Crennel may have made a mistake saying that he would still remain the defensive coordinator at the same time. The team started off 1-7 before Crennel backed-down from the defensive coordinator job.

As if the 2-12 record isn’t bad enough, he also faced the Jovan Belcher incident. Crennel attempted to prevent Belcher from committing suicide by talking to him but instead he witnessed Belcher commit suicide with a gun-shot to his head.

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Pat Shurmur (Cleveland Browns)

Source: Kirby Lee- USA Today

The Cleveland Browns started their season with a horrible 0-5 record. It’s Pat Shurmur's second season with the Browns but improvements aren’t exactly being seen. They went 4-12 last year and are now sitting at 5-9 with only two weeks left in the season.

Although two years with the league is not many, the Browns franchise has been sold to Jimmy Haslam with Joe Banner becoming the next CEO. Whenever a team gets new people up in the big seats, the head coach’s job is always on the line; especially if the team has had consecutive losing records.

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Ron Rivera (Carolina Panthers)

Source: Jeremy Brevard- USA Today

This is only Ron Rivera’s second season with the Carolina Panthers but the fate of his job isn’t very good. Last year he went 6-10 and the Panthers are currently sitting at 5-9 this season. The only strength that will keep Rivera there is his ability to coach the defense. The team has moved from #28 to #10 in the last two seasons when it comes to the defense.

This is probably due to the fact that Rivera has only been a defensive coordinator and linebacker coach in the past. Rivera is in a tough dilemma though because general manager that hired him, Marty Hurney was fired earlier this year. Since they have not yet hired a replacement, it is highly likely that once they do, the new GM will want to hire a new coach. Rivera should consider his job pretty much gone unless he has an amazing two games to end the season.