Eric May Throws Down Awesome Dunk On Coppin State

By Riley Schmitt
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Eric May looked like he was going to be a very good player for Iowa basketball after his freshman year. However, injuries slowed down his career. He has developed into an energy/defense guy and it is starting to show. On Saturday, he threw down one heck of a dunk against Coppin State.

That has to be up there as one of the best college dunks of the year. It may not be the most impressive, but look at all the contact he had to absorb to get there. He powered through the defense and still threw it down. That takes some talent.

Of course, people will always wonder why this did not happen more often with May. He has the talent but he just seemed like another athlete out there. Didn’t really look to have the feel for the game. If he would have played football, it probably would have been all over for opponents. That’s how freakish he could have been on the field.

Conference play has not started yet but it will be hard for someone to beat this dunk. Like I said earlier, it may not be flashy but other factors make it awesome. He had to absorb a lot of contact to get to the rim. He took off from way out there to make this happen. He didn’t have the luxury of an open court to figure out what he was going to do.

You will be seeing this play all over the highlights.

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