Antone Exum Took Kids On Best Buy Shopping Spree With Bowl Swag

By Riley Schmitt
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Antone Exum is prepping for his bowl game with his Virginia Tech teammates but he took time out of his holidays to do something good. As with all bowls, you get a certain amount of “swag” from each bowl. Exum ended up with a 470 dollar gift card to Best Buy and he decided to take some kids on a shopping spree.

Spent my $470 Dollar Best Buy Gift Card From The Bowl Game on These Three Kids I Met from Bahamas I Met In The Store!! Made Their Christmas!!

That quote comes from his Twitter account.  Outside of the fact that people capitalizing every first letter in words bothers me, this thing is one of the best things I have heard about.  I just graduated from a Division I college and I know how most bowl swag gets used.  Players either keep it or they end up selling it.  Seeing a guy decide to use his swag to improve the lives of others is really nice.

Hopefully other players see this and decide to give something back with the swag that they end up getting.  It certainly brightened the days of the kids he helped and I bet he ended up feeling good about it.  We hear a lot about the negative things in college football, which means we should highlight the positives that we read about.

Just for this, I am rooting for Exum and the rest of his team to win their bowl game.  I bet these kids are pulling for him too.

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