Christmas List Includes More Curling

By Andy Schmidt
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Christmas Day is tomorrow and there are few things in my sports mindset that I enjoy unconditionally. I’m a huge baseball fan and I’m a diehard fan of watching bowling on TV. I never missed an event on ABC for 15 years as I grew up. I couldn’t tell you who won each event but I was watching each one. There is one sport though that I only get to see every four years that I want to see more often and wish was on more often in curling.

The Winter Olympics bring out curling and I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this one about it as ratings for curling are near the top of any event during the winter. You see celebrities and other athletes showing up at the curling events. It is just one of those guilty pleasures of life. I really can’t explain why I love it so much but just something about the strategy of the sport and watching players using a broom to “sweep” the stone and curl it into the scoring area is just something worth watching.

There are not too many things I want under the Christmas tree this year besides the Chicago Cubs winning a World Series championship and more curling to watch besides when the Olympics are on. I know all too well that both of those things on my list aren’t going to happen anytime soon so I’ll just have to stick with what is going on now. It is just too fun to think about though for me to have a winter day while it snows outside and curling is on the television.

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