Los Angeles Clippers PG Chris Paul Stars In New State Farm Commercial

By Riley Schmitt

State Farm has done some wonderful commercials with athletes over the past few years and Chris Paul is latest guy to get picked for an ad. In the new ad “Born To Assist,” we see the Los Angeles Clippers point guard star as himself and as his twin brother Cliff.


The commercial focuses on how both brothers were born to help people out and it is done very well.  It shows CP3 in all of his point guard glory and his brother as a State Farm agent who helps everyone out.  It gets to the point right away and it does not feel too gimmicky.  It could be a lot worse, which is saying something when it comes to athlete commercials.

This will hit the air on Christmas Day.   I guess that means it starts today, but probably not until more than night owls are awake.  Hopefully it does not get beat into the ground, but I have the feeling it will be shown at least three to four times during every NBA game that takes place today.

The best part about this commercial is how it sets up for future ones.  If there is a knock to the State Farm commercials, they seem to jump around a bit.  In this one, you can see where progression will occur.  You don’t have to keep going back to the same well to get results.

It has been a good year for athlete commercials so far and this might be the perfect cap.  You certainly won’t see this on any lists of the worst athlete commercials.


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