Blake Griffin Pranks Cameraman On Christmas Day

By Riley Schmitt

Everything is going right for Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers these days. The team has the best record in basketball and they are currently riding a 14 game winning streak. This means the players have time for some fun and Griffin made the most of it during their Christmas game. During a stoppage in play, Griffin decided to prank a cameraman by unplugging his camera.

When things are going right, you have the liberty to do this.   Not only are the Clippers winning games, they are absolutely destroying teams.  They have one of the best point differentials in history right now.  This was a team that looked like a mess for most of last year, but things can change in a hurry.

I am a firm believer in this team and they just might be the best team in basketball.  They can beat you so many different ways and they are simply loaded with depth.  Things might change come the playoffs, but this team looks like a juggernaut right now.  Who would have ever guessed that we would be talking about the Clippers as one of the best teams in basketball?

No word on how long it took the cameraman to figure out what happened, but I bet even he laughed about it.  Watching a Clippers game is great for business when you consider the highlights that they produce on a nightly basis.

Things like this might not happen later in the season, so right now is a good time to enjoy some of the quirks that go on during a basketball game.  Big props to Griffin for this prank.


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