Dwyane Wade Kicks Ramon Sessions In The Groin For No Reason

By Riley Schmitt

The Miami Heat managed to take out the Charlotte Bobcats, but that is not the real story. The real story involves Ramon Sessions and Dwayne Wade. Late in the game, Sessions fouled Wade and Wade just straight up kicked the dude in the groin.


Wade was not called for a foul on that play and I have no idea why. To my eye, that looks like a blatant kick to the balls. That is not a cool move and I can see why Sessions has been upset about the play. You really can’t go around and kick people like that it. It was simply a punk move.

I hope the league reviews that video and fines Wade. You can’t run around and do junk like that. How the ref missed it, I will never know. It was not a reaction kick, Wade had to think about what he was doing before he moved his leg. The announcers were not happy with it on the replay. I mean, this play was just absurd and it has no place in basketball.

There are a lot of reasons to not like Wade and this is one of them. The older he has become, the more of a brat he has turned into. He always seems to be in the middle of things like this and it is simply uncalled for. I bet the Bobcats go after him the next time the two teams play.

This might be the most painful highlight from the night. I hope Sessions got some ice on that.

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