Josh Duhamel Blasts Merril Hoge On Twitter Over Treatment Of Tim Tebow

By Riley Schmitt
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter is a wonderful thing. It allows us to communicate in real time with people all across the world. In some instances, it gives us moments that we will never forget. It appears that Josh Duhamel is a big fan of Tim Tebow and he used Twitter to confront Merril Hoge about his treatment of the New York Jets quarterback.

@merrilhoge hey merril. Josh Duhamel here. Wondering why you’re such a jealous [expletive deleted] about Tebow? He’s 10x the player you were.

This tweet was sent a couple of days ago but people are just now noticing it.  Duhamel does raise a good point.  It appears that Hoge has always wanted to go after Tebow without ever giving a solid reason.  There are a lot of people that criticize him about his QBing skills, but Hoge seems to relish the opportunity to go after him.  Duhamel simply asked a very good question.

Hoge did not respond to the actor, but we can only hope that is going to happen soon.  If ESPN is really all about embracing the debate, they will do a special edition of First Take with Hoge and Duhamel going at it.  We could use a break from the regular guys anyways.  Plus, this would open the channel up to an entirely new audience.

Tebow certainly gets strong reactions from both sides.  We are at the point an actor is using social media to blast an analyst over his opinion.  Bet the Mayans didn’t see that coming.

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