Santa Faceplants on Rim During Chicago Bulls Game

By Renae Juska

You wouldn’t typically expect Santa Clause to be playing basketball but on Christmas day, he does. And let’s just say that he should probably stick to delivering gifts and eating milk and cookies instead.

During halftime of the Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls game, the crowd was entertained with Santas jumping off a trampoline then dunking the ball. However, one Santa apparently couldn’t determine distance between him and the hoop as he banged his head on the rim.

The epic fail happens after Santa’s 360 at the 16 second mark but if you miss it the first time, they replay it in slow motion at the end.

This just looked like one painful case of whiplash for Santa. I’m assuming that these phony Clause’s are members of travelling trampoline-dunking crew so it’s hard to say what went wrong.

Then again, if they put you in a Santa costume and you have extra weight on you, it may be hard to determine the dynamics between you and the hoop.  Luckily for this Santa, it looks like he was able to roll off to the side to avoid being jumped on by the following dunkers but he probably had a nice big bruise on his chin.

As if the Bulls loss by 23 points wasn’t enough to ruin your Christmas, this Santa probably scarred the minds of little kids attending the game. But hey, at least there was something entertaining to watch during the snooze-fest that Houston dominated.

At least it looks like Santa will be okay and able to deliver presents to the kids next year, and maybe he can deliver some good-luck to the Bulls as well.

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