Darren Collison Makes Amazing Circus Shot To Force Overtime

By Riley Schmitt
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Darren Collison may have had the best circus shot of the season on Thursday. The much maligned Dallas Mavericks point guard threw up an absolute prayer of a shot, but somehow managed to force overtime against the Oklahoma City Thunder.


Watching it live, I thought that shot had no chance.  In fact, I thought Dallas was not going to get a shot off at all.  It was such a broken play that it ended up working.  We will see this play a lot in the coming days.  It was one of those shots that has no business going in, but it does anyways.

Dallas pretty much dominated OKC until the last little bit.  It was their game to lose and they almost lost it in regulation.  They may end up losing it in the long run, but Collison gave them new life.  Being on Twitter for the shot was one of the coolest things about it.  People were going nuts online as soon as the shot went in.

Trust me, this is something that is extremely rare.  Collison did not even look like he thought it had a chance.  It was a half-hearted shot but it still went it.  That is why basketball is so fun.  There are moments like this almost every night.  This game on paper should have not been that good, but it was extremely fun throughout.

Collison had his best game of the season in this one so it is fitting he made a shot like this to force overtime.

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