Russell Westbrook Snaps It To Kevin Martin For A Dunk

By Riley Schmitt

Russell Westbrook might be the most polarizing figure in sports. Trust me, there are tons of people on either side of the argument. A lot of people appreciate the Oklahoma City Thunder guard while others love to rip his inconsistent game apart. On Thursday, he showed why people love him with an amazing pass to Kevin Martin. If basketball doesn’t work out, he should try long snapping.

I mean, that pass shows how good Russ can be.  If you look at the first half box score, you see how bad he can be.  As of posting, he is sitting at 2 for 9 for the game.  That is horrible for a point guard as skilled as he is.  You can see why people are so divided on him.  He can give you highlights while driving you insane.

If he did not play with a guy like Kevin Durant, I think this argument would be less explosive.  People see Russ as the guy who is holding KD back from a title.  Then again, would KD be in the position that he is in without Russ?  That is what makes this so hard to figure out.

Personally, I want to see Russ get it all figured out.  Sure, he is going to shoot too much and commit a stupid turnover or two.  That is simply who he is.  He and KD may have different games but they feed off each other.  If we keep getting plays like this, I think we can live with bad Russ rearing his head once in a while.

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