Rapper Taj Jordan Claims That Michael Jordan Is His Father

By Riley Schmitt

In today’s strange story of the day, we have an interesting situation involving Taj Jordan and Michael Jordan. Taj, who happens to be a rapper from Atlanta, claims that the basketball legend is his father. He says his mother had an affair with MJ and MJ knows about him, but does nothing to support him.


So that leads us to this.   Do you buy the kid’s story?  I mean, I would not be shocked if MJ has some extra kids running around out there.  Look at all these other athletes that have paternity issues.  It is conceivable that Jordan ran into some of the same issues at one point during his career.

There is also a second side to this.  Taj could be trying to give his rap career a boost.  If you listen to this music, he certainly needs any attention he can get.  He might get better, but his music needs some serious work right now.  This would not be the first time someone tried to make a name for themselves off of a more famous person.

This story is kind of odd and it will be interesting to see if MJ every releases a response to it.  I bet that he ends up ignoring it entirely.  This can not be the first time that something like this has come about MJ.  With all the drama that his real kids cause, I don’t think he wants to get involved in something involving a kid saying he is MJ’s son.

Then again, if Taj is telling the truth, maybe MJ can have him run the Charlotte Bobcats.  It probably couldn’t hurt.

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