USC Trojans and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Pre-Game Karaoke Battle

By Renae Juska
Source: YouTube

Every bowl game has events leading up to the big game that teams must attend. Typically it’s a dinner with both teams and coaching crews, so the numbers get very large; when there are more people, it’s hard to coordinate an event and make sure that all of them are on time.

This year, one bowl in particular seems to be having a lot of media attention with these pre-game events, the Hyundai Sun Bowl.

I’m assuming most people have heard about the USC Trojans showing up late for the Sheriff’s Posse Dinner so Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson gathered his team and left the event. Apparently the final statement was that Georgia Tech was early and USC was late, but who knows what really happened.

Then Leonard Williams of the Trojans allegedly had a very rude tweet in reference to the city of El Paso being s****y. The tweet was removed shortly after that and he sent out an apology tweet.

Now, we finally get the see the Trojans and the Yellow Jackets have some fun, karaoke-style. That’s right, the two teams battled it out with quite the interesting music selection. Take a look and see which team you think won the karaoke battle:

In case you didn’t know the songs, the were: Get Low by Lil Jon, Thong Song by Sisqo, Lean on Me and Supafreak. Please tell me that I am not the only one that finds this combination extremely odd?

Personally, I’d say that USC dominated the battle. All I got out of the Georgia Tech players was jibbersh and some rapping. At least the Trojans knew the words and had a semi-synchronized dance to go along with it.

For all that the sponsors do to prepare for the bowl games, I’m glad to see that they let the players have some fun before the big competition begins. The Trojans and Yellow Jackets play in the Sun Bowl on December 31st.

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