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Indianapolis Colts Coach Chuck Pagano Celebrates Win By Dancing


A lot of football fans were happy to see Chuck Pagano back on the sidelines. The Indianapolis Colts made his return to coaching after his battle with cancer and his team did not disappoint. They pulled off the win and Pagano decided to dance in the locker room as a form of celebration.

This moment was great to see.  Pagano has inspired his team all year and it was fun to see him back where he belongs.  Cancer is a horrible disease but Pagano has been an inspiration as he has fought the disease most of the season.  The Colts are on a roll right now and they could be a dangerous team in the playoffs.

This story is something that makes sports so great.  We often hear about the the negative things that go on in sports, but the positive rarely gets talked about.  This story is something different.  It has inspired a lot of people and I know there are a lot of fans that are pulling for the Colts when they are not playing their favorite team.

I am going to be pulling for the Colts in the playoffs.  If a team goes on a magical run this year, it is set up to be them.  It would be the perfect ending for a season that was shrouded in doubt.  The team outperformed what everyone thought they would do.  They overcame their coach missing most of the season while battling cancer.

If the Lombardi Trophy isn’t the perfect ending for that, I don’t know what is.