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In the world of pro wrestling, there are some good things and bad things. As far as bad things go, logic is typically thrown out the window and stereotypes reign supreme. It is 2013 but jokes about sexual orientation are still big buzzwords apparently. So much for the be a STAR campaign. However, they are some good things and they come in the form of WWE divas. To celebrate that, we came up with a list of some of the hottest divas of all time.

Before we get started, I want you to know that this does not cover every diva who every stepped foot in the company. However, it does cover a lot of ground. Most of the divas who had some sort of impact over the last couple of decades can be found on this list. That means I don't need to be yelled at about some diva that may not have made it.

However, debate is never a bad thing. If you think I made a serious omission, let me know in the comment section of the post. I tried to hit all the favorites but there is a chance that I just plum forgot about one. It wasn't on purpose but may have been an error in my mind.

Some of these divas may be ones you have completely forgotten about. Others represent some of the best times in wrestling. Others come from this era, where diva wrestling is not appreciated. It may not be fair, but it's how the business goes these days. Considering how bad the product is starting to become, maybe divas should be featured more.

Alright, I believe I have typed enough. Without anymore wasted time, check out our list of some of the hottest divas of all time. I think that everyone will be able to find something that they really like about this list.

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Source: Diva Dirt

Ariel wasn't around for long, but she did make an impact. Of course, that impact was as a tarot card reading valet for a vampire, but still. It's an impact.

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Source: Fanpop

Remember the wonderful tag team of Deuce and Domino? No? Well, they had a valet and her name was Cherry. This is her.

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Mickie James

Source: Blogspot

Mickie James is an intriguing diva. She had a decently long career, but it wasn't the most stable thing. However, she was looking good in the process.

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Stacy Keibler

Source: Chew The Dirt

Keibler actually made something of herself after leaving wrestling. She became more famous after it than before it. Then again, dating George Clooney probably helped that along.

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Gail Kim

Source: Bleacher Report

She won a title on her debut night and that was about it. Long career with nothing of worth actually happening. Then again, she does look good.

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The wife of Booker T actually had a prominent valet role for a few years. It kind of shocked a lot of people but she did a great job in getting him over as a heel.

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Source: WWE Wiki

Victoria may have played a psycho on screen, but she did it a good way. She had a very long career, won some titles and managed to stay hot all through the process.

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Christy Hemme


I go back and forth on Hemme all the time. She could not wrestle to save her life but man, she looked good trying. Definitely more diva than actual wrestler.

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Miss Jackie

Source: Guyism

Speaking of someone who couldn't wrestle, Jackie had possibly the worst match in wrestling history. She improved after that but man. That first match was bad. Look it up on Youtube.

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Trish Stratus

Source: Wrestling Valley

May have been the best wrestling diva of all time. She worked at her craft and is basically a legend at this point. She could do it all in the ring and her looks certainly didn't hold her back.

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Candice Michelle

Source: Fanpop

Michelle was the Rey Mysterio of divas. Always had a push, was over for some reason and she was made of wet cardboard. Injuries killed her career but she was hot. So there.

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Source: Fanpop

The former wife of Stone Cold Steve Austin did a lot of things on screen. Wrestle was not one of those. She did manage the valet role quite well. Get it?

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Source: Women of Wrestling

Naomi is going to be climbing up this list, simply because she can wrestle. Not many on this list were actually capable of pulling off a good match, but she can. Watch for her career to take off soon.

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Miss Elizabeth

Source: Online Women of Wrestling

The original diva is going to be on every list about this topic. She was a perfect valet and did wonders in getting her wrestlers over.

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Source: Busted Coverage

Sunny has fallen on tough times. Like, arrested a lot in the last 12 months. However, she was a good diva in her time so we can't fault her for personal transgressions.

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I never thought Lita was that attractive. That might make me one of the odd ones, but the extreme diva was always over. She had some odd moments in her personal life, but she was good at her job.

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Source: Guyism

Cameron may be more famous for her DUI than anything she has done in the ring. I don't believe she's wrestled an actual match yet. However, she's extremely attractive.

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Nikki Bella

Source: Bleacher Report

One half of the Bella Twins, who happened to be the best twins in wrestling history. At least on the diva side. She may not be as good looking as her sister, but she's still mighty fine.

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Terri Runnels

Source: Diva Dirt

Terri Runnels once made out with Kane. That may have been the highlight of her career. She was around for a bit, but she never really did anything substantial.

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Stephanie McMahon

Source: SE Scoops

We've seen a lot of different Steph McMahons. Some were hotter than other, but now she's moved into mom territory, which is even cooler. She might not be as innocent as young Steph, but whatever.

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Stacy Carter

Source: Oh So Divalicious

Carter has a fun fact about her. Her husband was so upset when she was fired that he quit. He ended up coming back after their relationship failed. That man? Jerry Lawler.

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Ashley Massaro

Source: Diva Dirt

Massaro is another diva I could never really peg. She wasn't a good wrestler and she was...spacey. That's putting it nicely. She wasn't around for very long, but some miss that punk rock look.

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Source: WWE Superstarz

Natalya is good looking and she can wrestle. This means she gets zero push. That may not make sense, but you don't work for the company. In wrestling, nothing ever makes sense.

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Kristal Marshall

Source: Diva Dirt

Kristal couldn't conduct an interview to save herself. She was starting to get a bit of a bigger profile, but she and her husband both bailed on the company when they were on the rise.

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Molly Holly

Source: Blogspot

I've always had a soft spot for Holly. She underwent a lot of gimmick changes, but she had a wholesome cuteness to her. Extremely underrated.

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Lilian Garcia

Source: The Great Indian Khali

I almost forgot about Garcia. She applied her craft as the ring announcer, although she did wrestle on rare occasions. She was certainly the voice that most people knew from the business.

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Man, Sable was that diva during the Attitude Era. She bounced around for a bit and I wouldn't be shocked to see her on TV fairly soon. You may wonder why, but if the company wants more bounce, bring her in with husband Brock Lesnar.

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Source: Fanpop

I think this diva is extremely pretty. I've been told I have her rated too high. I don't care. Kaitlyn is going to be a star soon. Either that, or she's bailing on the company. No middle ground.

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Beth Phoenix

Source: BHMpics

Phoenix has recently left the company but she was dominant. Maybe not the best looking one, but her sense of raw power was quite attractive. Not sure we will see another one like her.

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Melina Perez

Source: PS Extreme

Melina could do it all but she was a pain to deal with. There were a lot of backstage issues with her, which prevented her career from really taking off. She wasn't gracious but she was hot. So there.

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Layla El

Source: Fanpop

Layla is one of the top divas right now and for good reason. She's good looking, she's improved her craft and there's not much else talent. Don't let that take away from her, though.

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Source: Bleacher Report

She may have played dumb on TV but I think she's actually pretty smart. Not a great wrestler but she was good looking. That sums up most divas from about 2004 onwards.

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Brooke Adams

Source: Diva Dirt

Brooke wasn't around for very long but she was a part of Extreme Expose. When you are a teenager, that stuff becomes mighty appealing.

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Torrie Wilson

Source: Fanpop

Wilson was quite the bombshell. She came in during the merging of companies and actually lasted a decent amount of time. Once again, not the best wrestler but she didn't have to be.

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Dawn Marie

Source: Bleacher Report

You have to have Dawn and Torrie in adjoining slides. They were basically the only two divas on Smackdown so they were always interacting. It's really hard to rank one over the other.

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Michelle McCool

Source: SE Scoops

McCool was a pretty good wrestler but she won't have to do that anymore. She recently gave birth (I think) and her kid might be a wrestler as well. Procreating with The Undertaker probably helps the wrestling genes.

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AJ Lee

Source: Fanpop

The face of WWE divas right now. She can wrestle and man is she good looking. She is only improving but we might get overexposed to her. Right now, that's okay.

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Alicia Fox

Source: Diva Dirt

Fox is improving as well, but I don't think she will ever get a push. She's really good looking, so it is a shame. Hopefully her prospects improve soon.

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Source: Fanpop

Maryse was an absolute babe. Wrestling may not have been her strength but it didn't need to be. She looked good enough to cover up any flaws her work may have had.

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Eve Torres

Source: Bleacher Report

Is it just me or is Eve growing on a lot of people? She went through a weird phase last year, but she's wrestling great matches and getting herself over. That's all we ask.

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Brie Bella

Source: Blogspot

The second half of the Bella pair comes in very high on our list. I have no personal reason for ranking her this high, but whatever. She's hot.

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Kelly Kelly

Source: Blogspot

She may be gone from the company but she may have been the best looking diva to ever hit the ring. Her wrestling was merely passable but she looked good doing what ever she wanted.

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Aksana is the probably the most underrated diva on the current roster.

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Renee Young


What score for WWE. Young is talented on the mic and beautiful.

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Brooke Hogan


The hottest daughter in wrestling, brother.

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Rosa Mendes


She's bilingual and beautiful.

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Summer Rae


Fan-DAN-go sucks. Summer Rae is the only reason he got over in the first place.

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  • Frank Lopez

    I don’t think they are the hottest, they haven’t lived in the summers in Arizona, well the Bellas are from Scottsdale.

    • Farva55

      I heart ALL divas.

  • Farva55

    Does this Riley Schmitt guy just do lists of hot girls? Must be a nice gig.

  • Will

    Terri Runnels never did anything??? Huh?? Sorry.. the cigar smoking butch bitch act to then husband GoldDust was a HUGE part of that act.

  • James Smith

    its tough man but i’d have to go with kelly kelly but then there is trish stratus or you can go with torrie wilson…ugh i give up lol

  • Saiga

    No Taryn Terrell AKA Tiffany? Taryn may not have been around long either but she’s way hotter than many on this list and she can actually wrestle. She was a better wrestler even as Tiffany (she’s gotten even better in TNA lately) than probably half the women on this list. She certainly deserves to be on this list far more than the likes of Krystal Marshall or others who couldn’t wrestle a lick.
    For that matter, Summer Rae should be on here more so than some.

  • Bob

    No Jillian Hall?? HaHaHaHaHa…

  • Mike Atamian

    Where is Jacqueline Moore? Half the list didn’t have her longevity.

  • Dan Theman

    Wasn’t Debra more famous for being Steve McMichael’s wife?

  • Heather Thurston

    half of em arent even hot or good lookin tho !!!!!

  • J..

    No IVORY?????

  • The_nature_fan_Wooooo

    Kelly Kelly the best looking? With her overdone fake eye lashes, bleached hair and ridiculous, almost to her waist extentions?? She was soo fake and annoying. Glad she’s gone. My top 5 from this list would be ..
    1. Naomi ( That rack, that booty and luscious lips with a cute face? )
    2. The Bellas ( either one, they are both equally as hot to me but if I had to choose? It would be Brie [ Curvy is better in my book ] ).
    3. Eve Torres ( When she was Bookers assistant in those business attires with the glasses and long legs??? DDDAAAMMMNN!!! )
    4. Trish Stratus ( She may have the mom look now but back in her day??? She was SMOKING HOT! )
    5. A.J Lee ( come on shes cute, got killer abs and a perfect ass )

    Honorable mentions:
    6. Sunny – She was cute and she had a killer body, enough said!
    7. Mickie James – During her WWE stint she had a killer body with a nice rack and a killer ass. The fact that she kissed Trish Stratus added a lot bonus points lol.
    8. Stacy Keibler – Im not into blondes and in reality she was not the best looking diva out there but those legs??? Wow they went on forever and she knew how to flaunt them.

    • The_nature_fan_Wooooo

      Of course i meant Nikki Bella as being the curvier twin.

  • Xavier

    I think Summer rae isn’t that good looking

  • Thomas Carpenter

    All Gail Kim did was win a title in her first match? Somebody doesn’t know her TNA history very well…

  • Nan_2014

    What the….?? NO Kharma??? She will kick all them skanks arse and won’t break a nail in the process!!!!! #TEAMBIGGURLS

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    where is the Fabulous Moolah???? This list sux!