20 Horrible High School Mascots

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What were these schools thinking?

Source: yuku.com

When it comes to college mascots, everyone knows that there are stupid ones out there. However when you get to the high school level, there are way too many schools in the nation to keep track of those awful mascots that some teams have. So I did a little research to track down the worst high school mascots across the nation.

This time around, I focused solely on the nickname that high schools go by. The actual appearance of the mascots may not be known but their nicknames are atrocious. Whoever comes up with these mascots has a mind of their own.

I think some of them were meant to be funny, but they really aren’t. Then there are others that are somewhat racist or degrading. And of course, you have those mascots that are downright stupid. What designates one as stupid? There is no exact definition but I think of a stupid mascot as one that is not threatening and it makes you want to chuckle rather than be intimidated by.

One of my biggest pet peeves with mascots is ones that are inanimate objects or tiny little bugs that do no harm. I tried to not include these this time around, but there are a couple of inanimate ones in there that are just downright ridiculous to be considered a mascot. If I even tried to include all of them, the list would go on for days.

Now, I know that their may be multiple schools with some of these mascots but these were just the most popular ones to be found. But that’s enough of my mascot complaints. Let’s get on with the list and see if you agree with the worst high school mascots in the nation.

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20. Poca High School Dots (WV)

Source: teen.com

So they're the "Poca Dots." I don't think it's as funny as they expected it to be.

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19. Northeast Dubois Jeeps (IN)

Source: nedubois.k12.in.us

According to the website, Eugene the jeep is " an animal living in a three dimensional world-in this case our world- but really belonging to a fourth dimensional world." I think they'd be better off if they stuck with car.

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18. Hoopeston Cornjerkers (IL)

Source: jockular.com

I understand this is a machine to jerk corn off of the stalk, but those with a dirty mind may think otherwise. Either way, it's not a very realistic mascot.

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17. Mullins Auctioneers (SC)


Unless your school was auctioning off test questions and hall passes, this mascot is just dumb.

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16. Butte County Pirates (ID)

Source: msn.com

If you look at this the right way, it's kind of funny... and a little bit disturbing.

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15. New Berlin Pretzels (IL)


There's actually two schools in Illinois with the most non-threatening mascot, a pretzel. New Berlin is in central Illinois and the Freeport High School Pretzels are northwest of Chicago.


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14. Freeburg Midgets (IL)


If you high school was the midgets, then did everyone have a huge growth spurt in college?

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13. Teutopolis Wooden Shoes (IL)

Source: highschoolge.com

These days, I'm pretty sure wooden shoes are only used for clogging.

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12. Arkansas School for the Deaf Leopards

Source: arschoolofthedeaf.com

Naming a school after a popular rock band is cheesy enough. But considering the students are deaf and cannot hear music, this is just cruel.

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11. Hooker Horny Toads (OK)

Source: jockular.com

I don't even know what to say about this one...

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10. Fredonia Hillbillies (NY)

Source: starnewsdaily.com

A hillbilly, "people who dwell in mountainous areas in the United States." First off, when I think of New York, I don't think of mountains. Second, when I think of hillbilly, I picture a southern hick.

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9. Camas Papermakers (WA)

Source: hometeamsonline.com

This one makes me think that you went to an Amish school where you make everything by hand. On the positive side, at least their logo looks a little threatening.

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8. Tarpon Springs Spongers (FL)

Source: r1-forum.com

It's a guy who dives off a boat, but 97 percent of Americans don't know that. To the other three percent, it's just a weird mascot.

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7. Morton Potters (IL)

Source: mortonladypotters.com

This was my high school rival; their mascot was literally a big man holding a pot. You could also interpret it as a school full of stoners. Either way, it's not a very intelligent idea.

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6. Cairo Syrupmakers (GA)

Source: southernmatters.com

I guess if you like pancakes and waffles then this mascot is perfect. But it may seem like you live in a log cabin without electricity.

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5. Laurel Hill Hoboes (FL)

Source: 11points.com

I don't know how I'd feel if my high school mascot was a person who begs for money and food.

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4. Watersmeet Nimrods (MI)

Source: thedailypage.com

A nimrod is a "slow witted person." Is that really what you want your mascot to be? It makes it seem like the high school is full of idiots.

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3. Yuma Union High School Criminals (AZ)

Source: ripleys.com

My first thought was that this high school was for kids in juvenile detention. However it's a normal public high school, it just has disturbing mascot.

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2. Centralia Orphans (IL)

Source: centralia.il.us

If you asked someone "What was your mascot?" and the response was "I was an orphan," my first thought would be that they were abandoned as a child and in foster home....not that it really was their high school mascot. Their female version of the mascot even resembles red-headed Annie.

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1. Point Pleasant Big Blacks (WV)

Source: totalprosports.com

Their mascot is a knight, but their nickname is the "Big Blacks," can you get anymore racist than that?

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  • angie

    Point Pleasant Black Knights ……Big Blacks nothing racist about it

  • carlmj

    “Nimrods” is actually a Biblical reference to Nimrod the Great Hunter. Bugs Bunny made it an insult when he used it sarcastically for Elmer Fudd. Still might be about time for a new name…

  • laura

    If you’re going to make fun of the Hoopeston Cornjerkers, at least spell the town name and mascot correctly.

    • Alana Brown

      Same for #10 it’s Fredonia, not Free-donia

      • Mmmmm

        Also, don’t just think of New York City when you think of New York. New York state has LOTS of mountains (Allegheny, Adirondack, Appalachian and Catskill ranges, for example). But I will say, regarding the Fredonia Hillbillies, you should look up their “retired” mascot versions; he was more of a pot-bellied Appalachian type with a whiskey jug in one hand, a pistol in the other, and wheat in his mouth…definitely hill-billy-esque, and quite controversial as the years wear on.

  • seventhson74

    Hamshire Whippurs (Hampshire Illinois)

  • Samantha Keel Pugh

    This article is ridiculous… So many miss spelled names and you think Big Blacks is racist… Their school colors are black and red… Mine was blue and gold and known as the Blue Trojans… Get over yourself. And it’s Butte as Beaut. Not as Butt. Research please…

    • STLBirds7

      haha you misspelled “miss spelled”…..Someones parents should have used one of those blue and gold Trojans….

      • Samantha Keel Pugh

        Can I blame autocorrect?? :)

  • geektinker

    Considering the music of Deaf Leopard, those students should be thankful they can’t hear it.

  • Brock

    Pekin Chinks is pretty racist (Pekin, IL)

  • Dawn

    The Potters are named that because the town was known for it’s Pottery. The mascot is a clay pot. It’s out of respect for the town. Grow up.

  • Carrie Branson

    Orphan fans were named the best this year!!! Our mascot is unique and authentic….try the Fisher Bunnies or the New Braunfels Unicorns???

  • Janice Brown Voyles

    I am proud to be an alumni of “HOOPESTON” High School and a Cornjerker until I die! I suggest the authur of this article do a little research the next time and find out the real meaning behind the name. Although some are agreeably unusual I bet every school has a story about how they chose their mascot names. There is a lot of pride connected with them. In short, whoever made up this list is a jerk!!!

    • Brandi Brotherton

      Passionately spoken Janice. I too am an alumni of Hoopeston Area and will forever be a Cornjerker. I can understand at first glance why some people ridicule the name but as you say there is a story as there probably are with most of the mascots. I like that we have a unique mascot and each person should be proud of their school, not bring others down. But everyone Is entitled to their opinion I suppose.

  • Carrie Branson
    • Hank G.

      I thought maybe it was Centralia, PA, which would kind of make sense, since the town is virtually deserted due to a long-time coal mine fire underneath the town.

  • Katelynn Marie Windland

    I find it funny, most of these mascots are from Illinois.. I was a Morton potter and we played against the Orphans before… Sad to say, my school used to put up banners of hand drawn pictures of.orphans crying and I’m pretty sure at one point I saw a banner that said “kill the orphans”.. not too proud of my school for many reasons. Mascot being one of them, although its a good representation of the student body.

  • leann

    Hooker High School’s mascot is the bulldog. Someone really needs to do their homework before posting….

  • Marshall Thomas Petty

    The Cobden, Ilinois Appleknockers

  • AL

    Point Pleasant was named the Big Blacks in the 1920′s after the state eventual runner-up basketball team was named by a writer from the Huntington, WV area for how “big” they were and the fact that they were wearing all black jerseys.

    Nothing racist about it. Just a bunch of good basketball players wearing black jerseys.

    • http://www.amazon.com/Gregory-Kay/e/B0037LL4VS/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1354807628&sr=8-1 Greg Kay

      My hometown. The offical name is “Black Knights” with the symbol being a knight in black armor, but everyone uses the old Big Blacks nickname. Kind of hard to call it “racist” when it’s in a town that, at last census, was about 97% White.

  • Ethan

    To be honest Point Pleasant’s mascot is the Black Knight.

  • Brandi Fluharty

    I am a Poca Dot alum! When I moved to this town my junior year of high school I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard. That was 15 years ago so I’ve gotten used to it. Also, we have some of the most dedicated fans ever. From midget league to high school, they are diehard Poca Dot supporters. GO DOTS!!

  • Bucky

    Nimrod…..hunter or warrior….. poor article all the way around if you are looking for facts and information.

  • Ryan Wolfe

    All of you “defending” your Ala Maters, Do you all even understand the purpose of satire? This article was mainly meant to make a few people laugh. And well mission accomplished. We don’t care about the stories behind the school names only that they are funny. And while you may be upset that your school ended up on the list I am almost certain you laughed at the other names.

  • SharonP

    The Tarpon Springs Spongers are named for the “people” (spongers) not the “object” (sponge). Spongers are the divers who make a living diving for and harvesting sponges from the Gulf of Mexico and are a large part of the economy in Tarpon Springs, FL

  • Kendra Conley

    I live right by the POCA DOTS, my nephew graduated from there. We also live by another town named MAN and their mascot is the hillbillies (for the girls it’s the ladybillies! lol)

  • Chris Hillman

    No Fisher, IL – Bunnies?

  • P.j. LaBelle

    I’m not sure how to respond to this as I am a Centralia Orphan and will rabidly defend that. Before you go making fun, do some research, uncover what brought about our name. We recently won a nation wide contest for most unusual Mascot and I’m damn proud of that. For many years we held the record for most winningest High School basketball team in the nation. And those that know, know.

  • Marla Martinez

    If you did your research correctly for the deaf school.. Leopards were there before def leopard group came out. Do your research correctly!!!

  • Jason Gary

    The fourth dimension is time. So, the Jeep exists in time? WOW. AMAZING.

  • Oldthinker

    The “jeep” character is from old Popeye the Sailor cartoons.

  • David Bobson

    It’s Arkansas School FOR the Deaf, team name called Leopards, not Arkansas School OF The Deaf Leopards

  • Paul Kirker

    There is one or two I take exception the first is the Watersmeet Nimrods. Yes the definition that most people give to this word is yes “dimwitted” but look it up in the dictionary and you will find a totally different meaning. In the Bible the son of Cush, referred to as a mighty hunter, a Nimrod is a hunter or mighty warrior. Second the Morton Potters. If you know anything about the history of Morton you would know that the pottery making flourished there in its early days.

  • danyell

    Im a pretzel and proud Go Pretz!!!!!! Freeport pretzels

  • Jerry Belew

    I cannot believe that the person who posted this could be so STUPID! The Arkansas School for the DEAF…not DEF have been the leopards LONG before the rock group Def Leopard was in existence! STUPID, INSENSATIVE, IDIOTIC, DISRESPECTFUL, AND DEFINITELY NOT FUNNY! By the way Def means cool…which this poster is clearly NOT!

  • Randy Stitcher Jr.

    arkansas school for the deaf ve been use that mascots snice 1800s. shove that judgement up in ur ass! they didn’t called it after the rock-n-rolls celebrity. research it first before u fuckin open ur mouth.

  • Monte

    How about the Robstown (TX) Cottonpickers or the Hickman (MO) Kewpies?

  • Just Me

    There is nothing racist at all about the Big Blacks………It started out as The Big Black Knights, and at some point shortened to Big Blacks. So being that the author of this article has already quit Rant Sports after working for only a year, I doubt if she would even care about this article that she wrote just 5 months into her job at Rant Sports. It is just to show how short sighted some people can be, and just going by the names without really knowing the history of the school or the Mascot/nickname. With her coming from a school that has Hawkeye sports???? What is their mascot?….an eye?? a hawk??? And being that a “hawkeye” should be able to see the repercussions of this article without doing RESEARCH on the teams that she is supposedly ridiculing.

  • Mark Adair

    There is a huge difference between New York STATE and New York CITY…

    Fredonia is a small town in the southwest corner of New York STATE … about 450 miles from New York CITY. Fredonia is actually a very rural area with a lot of farmland around…

    Probably ought to look at a map and learn geography before you post something so inane…

  • Larra Brogdon

    Hey! Cornjerker Alum here! We know our mascot is weird, but you might want to check the back story on the name. It’s not a machine, but rather a slang term for people who harvested corn by hand before modern machinery was commonly used.

    • Kisha Wisdom

      That’s right, proud CORNJERKER right here!

  • Allen Larck

    I went to a High School in the same county in WV as Poca. The sad thing was their middle school was also the dots. Don’t believe we never had fun playing against the PMS Dots.

  • Alana Brown

    Yeah, Go Billies!! #10 Fredonia lol

  • Tracy MacDonald

    Really Hillbillies is almost as bad as being a Hooker Horny Toads?!?! REALLY?!?! I grew up close to FREDONIA.. and I would be A LOT PROUDER to be a HILLBILLY THEN A HORNY TOAD!!!! LOL

  • Andrew Thomas

    Fredonia. Your job is so easy, but here’s a tip Copy-Paste. Even for a content farm list creator you really blow.

  • your mama

    Fuc yall and ur damn comments HATERS juz mad u didnt think of it first MULLINS HIGH ROCKS

  • John

    Every time one of these polls gets published the Tarpon Springs Spongers get included. If you know anything about a sponge diving suit you would realize it mirrors a football uniform pretty well. A sponger is somebody who dives for and retrieves Sponges. The mascot is not a sponge. And if you went to our high school and actually had any idea of the unique identity of Tarpon Springs (the birthplace of the American sponging industry) you might not think it to be a joke. Not to mention the sponge divers were recruited as part of the navy frogmen (predecessor to the navy seal program) during World War 2. You should be more careful to read the proper word that is presented in the logo you have posted…Spongers, not sponges.

  • John

    But then again it may be silly of me to expect anything resembling legitimate/objective journalism from a sports site that just makes lists which belong on a gossip/Hollywood insider show

  • Daniel Boyce

    Fisher Bunnies (IL)

  • Strat

    Let’s see, you spelled Fredonia wrong. When you think of NY, you probably don’t think of most of NY. The Adirondack MOUNTAINS are in NY. The Winter Olympics were held there. Regardless, It’s HILLbilly, not MOUNTAINbilly. Fredonia is at the base of a very hilly region in South-west NY where there are plenty of “hicks”. Maybe you should go back to geography class or get out a little bit more often. And for your information, the Hillbilly was a great mascot until they took his shotgun and moonshine away (Because the mascot is why youth try to drink… right…) and then put him on steroids.

  • tspride

    Spongers you retards not the actual sponge. You know like the man who dives from the boat? Completely stupid comment considering they got the mascot misunderstood. The mascot has to do with something relevant to the town we live in not just something meaningless like many others. Ignorant as hell.

  • Rick Kitchen

    The Jeep was a comic strip character prior to World War II. The car got its name from the comic strip character.

  • Rest

    There is a small town in Illinois called Polo. And there mascot is the Marcos. So, they are the Polo Marcos.

  • Kevin Polson

    I’d much rather be a CORNJERKER than some over-used mascot name. How many Lions, Tigers, or Bears have you heard of throughout the years. We have a history behind out name, and we’re damn proud of it. I could easily take some random shot at those who made up and approved this list, but why bother. They must enjoy those mediocre mascots. Yes, we’ve caught hell over the name, but still proud of it. And we are known and easily recognized. While stationed in South Korea, I had several other military members from different branches of services recognize “The Jerky”. Keep your meaningless mascot names, we’re proud of ours!!! CORNJERKER 4-EVER!!!