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20 Horrible High School Mascots

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What were these schools thinking?

Source: yuku.com

When it comes to college mascots, everyone knows that there are stupid ones out there. However when you get to the high school level, there are way too many schools in the nation to keep track of those awful mascots that some teams have. So I did a little research to track down the worst high school mascots across the nation.

This time around, I focused solely on the nickname that high schools go by. The actual appearance of the mascots may not be known but their nicknames are atrocious. Whoever comes up with these mascots has a mind of their own.

I think some of them were meant to be funny, but they really aren’t. Then there are others that are somewhat racist or degrading. And of course, you have those mascots that are downright stupid. What designates one as stupid? There is no exact definition but I think of a stupid mascot as one that is not threatening and it makes you want to chuckle rather than be intimidated by.

One of my biggest pet peeves with mascots is ones that are inanimate objects or tiny little bugs that do no harm. I tried to not include these this time around, but there are a couple of inanimate ones in there that are just downright ridiculous to be considered a mascot. If I even tried to include all of them, the list would go on for days.

Now, I know that their may be multiple schools with some of these mascots but these were just the most popular ones to be found. But that’s enough of my mascot complaints. Let’s get on with the list and see if you agree with the worst high school mascots in the nation.

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20. Poca High School Dots (WV)

Source: teen.com

So they're the "Poca Dots." I don't think it's as funny as they expected it to be.

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19. Northeast Dubois Jeeps (IN)

Source: nedubois.k12.in.us

According to the website, Eugene the jeep is " an animal living in a three dimensional world-in this case our world- but really belonging to a fourth dimensional world." I think they'd be better off if they stuck with car.

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18. Hoopeston Cornjerkers (IL)

Source: jockular.com

I understand this is a machine to jerk corn off of the stalk, but those with a dirty mind may think otherwise. Either way, it's not a very realistic mascot.

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17. Mullins Auctioneers (SC)


Unless your school was auctioning off test questions and hall passes, this mascot is just dumb.

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16. Butte County Pirates (ID)

Source: msn.com

If you look at this the right way, it's kind of funny... and a little bit disturbing.

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15. New Berlin Pretzels (IL)


There's actually two schools in Illinois with the most non-threatening mascot, a pretzel. New Berlin is in central Illinois and the Freeport High School Pretzels are northwest of Chicago.


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14. Freeburg Midgets (IL)


If you high school was the midgets, then did everyone have a huge growth spurt in college?

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13. Teutopolis Wooden Shoes (IL)

Source: highschoolge.com

These days, I'm pretty sure wooden shoes are only used for clogging.

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12. Arkansas School for the Deaf Leopards

Source: arschoolofthedeaf.com

Naming a school after a popular rock band is cheesy enough. But considering the students are deaf and cannot hear music, this is just cruel.

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11. Hooker Horny Toads (OK)

Source: jockular.com

I don't even know what to say about this one...

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10. Fredonia Hillbillies (NY)

Source: starnewsdaily.com

A hillbilly, "people who dwell in mountainous areas in the United States." First off, when I think of New York, I don't think of mountains. Second, when I think of hillbilly, I picture a southern hick.

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9. Camas Papermakers (WA)

Source: hometeamsonline.com

This one makes me think that you went to an Amish school where you make everything by hand. On the positive side, at least their logo looks a little threatening.

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8. Tarpon Springs Spongers (FL)

Source: r1-forum.com

It's a guy who dives off a boat, but 97 percent of Americans don't know that. To the other three percent, it's just a weird mascot.

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7. Morton Potters (IL)

Source: mortonladypotters.com

This was my high school rival; their mascot was literally a big man holding a pot. You could also interpret it as a school full of stoners. Either way, it's not a very intelligent idea.

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6. Cairo Syrupmakers (GA)

Source: southernmatters.com

I guess if you like pancakes and waffles then this mascot is perfect. But it may seem like you live in a log cabin without electricity.

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5. Laurel Hill Hoboes (FL)

Source: 11points.com

I don't know how I'd feel if my high school mascot was a person who begs for money and food.

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4. Watersmeet Nimrods (MI)

Source: thedailypage.com

A nimrod is a "slow witted person." Is that really what you want your mascot to be? It makes it seem like the high school is full of idiots.

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3. Yuma Union High School Criminals (AZ)

Source: ripleys.com

My first thought was that this high school was for kids in juvenile detention. However it's a normal public high school, it just has disturbing mascot.

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2. Centralia Orphans (IL)

Source: centralia.il.us

If you asked someone "What was your mascot?" and the response was "I was an orphan," my first thought would be that they were abandoned as a child and in foster home....not that it really was their high school mascot. Their female version of the mascot even resembles red-headed Annie.

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1. Point Pleasant Big Blacks (WV)

Source: totalprosports.com

Their mascot is a knight, but their nickname is the "Big Blacks," can you get anymore racist than that?