Did Phil Jackson Propose To Jeanie Buss?

By Riley Schmitt
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It was an interesting 2012 for Phil Jackson but it appears 2013 is off to a better start. Jackson has dated Jeanie Buss for a long time and it appears he finally decided to pop the question. As you can tell by Buss’s Twitter account, he got her a really nice ring.

— Jeanie Buss (@JeanieBuss)

Well, I am happy for these two but it does illustrate something deeper going on. It shows how big the family divide with the Los Angeles Lakers really is. If Buss would have had her way, her soon to be husband would probably be coaching the team. Instead, her brother won out so Jackson had to remain on the sidelines.

One last thing about the basketball talk. If Jackson decides to take another coaching job, that would certainly be an odd situation. A guy who coaches one team could easily be married to one of the higher ups of a different team. That is certainly something that you do not see every day.

I am actually kind of shocked it took this long to happen. These two have been dating for a while and I think a lot of people probably assumed they were married. Either that or they thought the two would never end up getting married. Judging by how this is phrased, Buss finally got her main wish.

Congrats to both of these two.  Hopefully this lasts longer than the famous NBA wedding from 2012.

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