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Fan Makes Dark Knight Parody Trailer For The Green Bay Packers


The Green Bay Packers are getting set to play in the first round of the playoffs on Saturday. Since 2012 was the year of Batman, I guess a mockup Dark Knight Rises trailer featuring the Packers is in order. Take a look and I’ll give you my thoughts below.


At first, this started very well.  Comparing Adrian Peterson to Bane was well done.  It sort of fits in with how well Peterson has played against the Packers this year.  At this point, he is GB’s reckoning.  Nothing they have done has come close to slowing him down, much less stopping him.

After the AP part, it started to falter a bit in term’s of quality.  It seems like a bit of a stretch to compare the Packers to the movie and you can see that through the end.  The creator tried to make it work but sometimes you just can’t find the right stuff to make it work.

However, I do give him props for attempting to get it to work.  It was a good idea and while it is not the best thing ever created, it is certainly worth a look or two.  If you are a Packers fan, you probably would enjoy it.  It might not have the power to attract non-fans, but it does its job.

We will see if the game plays out like the film.  If the Packers can put a halt to AD, they are going to win going away.  If he is allowed to run free, he really will be Packers’ reckoning.