Iowa State Basketball Player's Surprise Engagement at Half Court

By Renae Juska


Iowa State center Anna Prins stands at 6’7’’ and just received probably the best surprise of her life. The Iowa State Cyclones beat the Alabama State Hornets on December 30th before Prins faced the surprise.

In front of 7,000 fans at the Hilton Coliseum, Prins got engaged.

Immediately after the Cyclones win, coach Bill Fennelly walked onto the court with a speech about how important family is and how important Prins was to the team during her four years at Iowa State

He then announced that her boyfriend of three years, Ryan De Hamer was going to step out onto the floor. You can tell she immediately gets nervous and has absolutely no idea what to expect. Meanwhile, her teammates sit there looking extremely excited, as they know what is going to happen in the next few seconds.–du18mRY

Right then and there, De Hamer got down on one knee and proposed to Prins; she immediately said yes.

I’d have to say, that this was an extremely great idea by her boyfriend. You occasionally see coaches get engaged on the court, but that’s not too hard to accomplish. However I’m assuming De Hamer probably had to go through multiple departments to get approval for the proposal.

And in the end, Prins was more than satisfied with it. After the surprise, Prins told the Ames Gazette, “I couldn’t have asked for a better place, just with all the people that were involved: Coach [Fennelly], my team, the fans in Hilton, my family was there. Pretty special.”

Even though I’m a Hawkeye fan, congratulations to Anna Prins and Ryan De Hamer!

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