Sabatino Chen And Colorado Screwed By The Refs In Arizona

By Riley Schmitt

Sabatino Chen may have become a national name and his shot didn’t even count. The guard for the Colorado Buffaloes hit an amazing bank shot three to give the team a win over the Arizona Wildcats but the shot was waved off.

You don’t get much closer than that.  It appeared that it was good in real time and I never saw an angle that would disagree.  All of the Twitter world thought the shot was good, but that was not the case.  The refs decided to rule the shot was no good, but that only raised further questions.

First off, we have no idea what the call on the floor was.  I don’t think the refs ever made a call.  If they called it good, I thought there would be to be conclusive evidence that the shot was no good.  There was no evidence in what could be seen on TV to overturn that call.

Once the game went to overtime, Colorado ran out of steam.  They struggled most of the second half and they just did not have enough left to play five more minutes.  That is why that shot was so big.  They almost gave the game away, but they managed to steal it back.  Then again, you never know what the refs will end up doing.

This is going to be a big topic for the next few days.  I thought it was good.  Almost everyone on Twitter thought it was good.  However, the refs have the only opinion that matters and they said it was late.

Still think they are wrong, though.

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