The One Point Safety Makes An Appearance At The Fiesta Bowl

By Riley Schmitt

If you thought the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl was boring, you certainly thought wrong. Thanks to an interesting extra point, the rarest play in football made an appearance. Yes, the one point safety exists and it is simply amazing. Take a look at the video and we’ll break it down after.

So let us break this down.  First, the Oregon Ducks had a routine extra point that was blocked. That is fine. Really nothing to see from it except for a Kansas State Wildcats player trying to score some points. He pitched the ball back to his teammate, who ended up tackled in the end zone. That is where our rule comes into effect.

If I read Twitter correctly, it was something that has only happened twice in NCAA history. It happened in a game in 2004, but it is extremely rare.  I think you actually see fair catch kicks more often than you see a play like this. I never knew this rule existed.  In fact, I bet a lot of people who were watching this game had no idea what was going on.

I mean, the fair catch kick rule is really obscure but a decent number of people know about it. It won’t be something you ask a random person and get the right answer to, but football fans tend to know it.  This rule?  Yeah, there were a lot of people that were utterly baffled by it.

Hopefully we can see this rule come into play more often. It is simply that awesome.

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