Rex Ryan's Tattoo Features his Wife Wearing a Sanchez Jersey

By Renae Juska

While vacationing in the Bahamas, a nearby onlooker noticed quite the unique tattoo on the arm of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan. It’s a tattoo of his wife Michelle wearing a number six Jets jersey, which ironically is quarterback Mark Sanchez’s number.

And it’s not just a headshot of his wife with the jersey on. The headline on Friday’s cover of New York Daily News was “Kinky Inky.” Allegedly when a Daily News reporter at the Cove Atlantis Resort approached Ryan, he cursed at them and waived them away.  Ryan didn’t seem too happy and supposedly stormed off with his wife.

It’s quite ironic considering he remained so loyal to playing Sanchez over Tim Tebow all season. Multiple incidents on the field this season should have benched Sanchez, but it took a lot of criticism and hatred by the fans for Ryan to actually make the move. And when he did finally bench Sanchez, Ryan overlooked Tebow and immediately went to the rookie, Greg McElroy.

Actually when you look at it closely, it looks like she might be doing the world famous Tebowing pose?


I’m assuming that Ryan got this tattoo a few years ago when Sanchez’s future with the Jets was bright but now it’s permanently on his skin and making national news headlines. It looks like someone is playing favorites; but is it Rex’s favorite or Michelle’s favorite?

There was speculation that Ryan was going to be fired at the end of the season, however the Jets fired GM Mike Tannenbaum instead. As if the Jets pathetic 6-10 record this season wasn’t bad enough, I’m assuming that this tattoo isn’t going to help his reputation. The only positive for Ryan is that Tebow’s future will most likely not be with the Jets.

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