Trent Williams Mushes Richard Sherman After Sunday's Game

By Riley Schmitt

Richard Sherman may be an incredible cornerback but he comes off as kind of a jerk. After Sunday’s playoff game, he got in the face of Trent Williams. Williams was not going to take any crap and he responded by shoving Sherman right in the face.

The game itself was very chippy so this really does not shock me.  I’m even less shocked that Sherman was the guy involved.  He is starting to get a reputation as a guy who likes to instigate situations.  He may be good but he is bordering on becoming an unbearable punk.

Then again, Williams probably should not have responded.  If the guy is going to talk trash, let him talk.  You do not need to respond to him.  Be the bigger man and walk away from him.  This video is going to get replayed a bunch and it is probably not going to look good for either guy going forward.

The Seattle Seahawks are going to do this to teams.  They like getting in the heads of guys.  It appears it must have worked because the Washington Redskins started to fall apart towards the end of the game.  Some teams will be able to deal with it, which means that the Seahawks will have to think of a new way to mess with teams.

Let’s see how the next opponent for the Seahawks respond to these tactics.  Sherman has made headlines for doing stuff like this all year and it looks like that will continue.

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