Andy Reid at 13 in a Punt, Pass & Kick Contest

By Andrew Fisher

This is what I would call ‘YouTube gold,’ and yet another reason YT is one of the greatest creations of all time. Where else is footage like this archived? Andy Reid at 13 (not a misprint) in a Punt, Pass, and Kick competition in 1971. Cha-ching!

Yes, this is real life. Look at how much bigger he is than the other kids. Unbelievable…

As for Reid nowadays, he’s accepted the head coaching job with the Kansas City Chiefs. There are a lot of folks that aren’t too happy about the hiring, but I think it’s a good fit. Reid was arguably the best coach on the market (of realistic candidates), and there’s no denying he’s a winner.

One really bad season in Philadelphia is not enough for me not believe that Reid will turn around the Chiefs. They’re a team that’s going to draft a quarterback, and Reid has a great track record when it comes to QBs. Plus, the overall nucleus of the Chiefs is not terrible, it’s not great, but not that bad. Especially when you consider that they have five pro-bowlers this year. Of course is was ridiculous for the league’s worst team to have that many guys selected, but it shows the talent that resides in KC.

Will the Chiefs contend for a playoff spot in the AFC next year? It’s doubtful, but I bet Reid has the team at least in the vicinity of the postseason. For both the new head coach and his new team, it can’t get much worse than 2012.

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