Brawl Breaks Out During 4x400 At Hispanic Games

By Riley Schmitt

I guess high school track meets aren’t the safest thing in the world. During the Hispanic Games, a brawl broke out in the middle of a heat for the 4×400 relay. As you can tell by the video, this was not your run of the mill disagreement.

Not only are the people who are on the track brawling, one of the team members from the stands climbs down and joins in the fracas.  I believe this was caused by someone knocking the baton out of another’s guy hand, but this isn’t the world’s best video.  However, it is something that has to be extremely rare.

I can’t imagine that these two teams are going to be invited back anytime soon.  You simply can’t have teams fighting during the middle of a race.  Actually, you can’t have teams fighting during any part of a track meet but whatever.  The point of the matter is that a fight should not be occurring during this meet.

This simply can’t be a common occurrence.  I am actually shocked that people were more interested in joining in the fight instead of breaking it up.  If one or two people would have decided to separate the people were initially involved, this could have been avoided.  Instead, we end up with everyone and their mother trying to knock someone out.  Just not a good look for the teams or the meet.

Hopefully this doesn’t become a trend.  Then again, it is fairly interesting to start Monday off with a track fight.

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