Erin Heatherton Joins The NFL WAG Group

By Riley Schmitt
Erin Heatheton’s Facebook

Erin Heatherton is our newest member of the NFL WAG group. I don’t think there is an official group, but there should be. Anyways, the Victoria’s Secret model has moved on from her ex-boyfriend to date Cleveland Browns tight end Jordan Cameron. By the way, her ex just so happens to be Leonardo DiCaprio.

I’m going to go ahead and call this an example of someone outkicking their coverage.  If you aren’t aware of what that saying means, let me explain it to you.  In no right world should a girl like Heatherton move on from a guy like DiCaprio to date someone like Cameron.  That is not meant as a slight to Cameron, but come on.  Who would want to break up with a famous actor to date a guy who doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot on the football field.

Also, this probably has to be one of the five best things to happen to the Browns this year.  That’s not an insult, either.  It has been a really bad year for the Browns.  They struggled all year, their quarterback is nearly 30 years old going into his second season and Chip Kelly left them at the altar.  There really wasn’t a lot of positive things coming out of Cleveland in football this year.

Maybe Heatherton can turn the luck around next season.  At the very least, fans of the team can hope she decides to show up to games.  That would certainly be a bright spot.

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