Fans Make Hilarious Trade Pau Gasol Video

By Riley Schmitt

If you don’t think that the Los Angeles Lakers should trade Pau Gasol, I bet this video changes your mind. The guys from Ballerball came with up a hilarious video advocating that the Lakers trade the big man and the music from Sarah McLachlan really makes it hit home.

My co-workers are currently staring at me because I can’t stop watching this video. It just rings so true. The Lakers need to move Gasol before the poor guy ends up going postal. He clearly doesn’t fit with what the team wants to do anymore and his numbers are going in the tank.

If you don’t think the team should move him, watch a Lakers game. You will see Gasol get off to a decent start but then he fails to get the ball for much of the game. After that, he ends up in the position to have to make a key play, but the guy is so cold by this point that there is no chance of it happening. It is a vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself game after game. There is a reason the team is below .500 and Gasol just so happens to play a part in it.

Hopefully some random GM sees this video and he decides to rescue Gasol from his plight. It is just sad to see him going to waste in LA right now. My money says that McLachlan music is really what drives the point home. If her music doesn’t move you, what will?

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