Lou Holtz Pokes Fun At Mark May

By Riley Schmitt

I’ll start by saying this. Lou Holtz may be the most annoying person to ever watch cover college football. I can’t find one person that enjoys his insights. However, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish still love him, so he was invited to speak at a pep rally. In a move that will win him some fans, he poked fun at his colleague, Mark May.


If that doesn’t make you laugh, I have no idea what will. I do like the ending of it, especially because he calls May something that rhymes with bass bowl. A lot of people have similar lines of thinking when it comes to May, so Holtz isn’t exactly breaking ground here. However, it is nice to hear him have a bit of fun at May’s expense.

If you happen to watch the two–and God help you if you do–you can see that things would set up for something like this to happen. For being guys that are getting up there in age (in Holtz’s case, way up there), they seem to enjoy a bit of a back and forth. Something like this gives Holtz the advantage for now. I am sure May has probably made a comment like this about Holtz in his day.

With the big game coming up in a mere matter of hours, the two will probably have a spirited discussion. I wonder if this moment gets referenced. For now, it appears that Holtz might have the leg up on May for guy that people dislike less.

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