Was Terry Saban The Reason Nick Saban Coached The Miami Dolphins?

By Riley Schmitt
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Saban was once the coach of the Miami Dolphins. At this point in his coaching career, it is fairly easy to forget that every happened. However, he’s coaching his current team in the stadium of the team he used to coach. That has led to some fun stories about why he ever took the Miami job in the first place. Enter his wife, Terry Saban.

“I’ll say this about him: I don’t think he really wanted to take that job,” said Gil Brandt, a longtime N.F.L. personnel executive, Sirius analyst and a friend of Saban’s.

The story Brandt heard, a story others involved with those Dolphins teams said circulated widely, is that H. Wayne Huizenga, then the owner, flew to Louisiana and presented Saban’s wife with a check that contained a number and at least five zeros.

Well that would be one way to get a guy to coach.  It appears that old Wayne Huizenga really wanted Saban to lead the Dolphins back to the promised land.  If you want to get a guy to do something, approach the significant female in his life. That tends to work quite well.

I don’t think this is true but it is fun to speculate about.  There was no reason for him to ever take that job, which is why he wanted to get back into college so badly.  Looks like he learned his lesson and I don’t expect him to leave the college ranks any time soon.

Then again, Terry might have the final say.

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