20 Notorious Womanizers in Sports History

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Which Athletes Will Have Baby Mama Drama?

Source: Rob Schumacher- USA Today

This past summer at the 2012 London Olympics, there was an uproar of drama regarding Ryan Lochte and his mom’s comments about his sex life. She stated “He goes out on one-night stands. He’s not able to fully give to a relationship because he’s always on the go.”

So Lochte was pretty much using his mom as a wingman? That’s just a little odd. You’d think that she’d want him to have a steady girlfriend. However, after this incident, Lochte got labeled as another womanizer in the world of sports.

And judging by the definition of a womanizer -- “a man that indulges in casual affairs with many women” -- he fit the description really well. I mean, take a look at the American flag-themed grill in his mouth; clearly, the swimmer is trying to impress the ladies.

These athletic womanizers manipulate their extracurricular activities to their finest. Most of them have had many girlfriends or mistresses, while others are cheating on their wives. That said, the best womanizers are the ones that have numerous kids with multiple women.

Some people say that every athlete has a little womanizer attitude in them, and I’d have to say that I agree. They make a ton of money, and are always in the media so women tend to flock to them without them even making an attempt.

But some of them just need to learn to play it safe. Otherwise, they end up with numerous kids and court cases. Many women who give birth to these children are probably just looking for money and the media attention that they would get for sleeping with a professional athlete. Either way, their sexual tendencies have got them noticed in one way or another.

So take a look and see if you agree with the biggest womanizers in sports history. Enjoy!

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25. Pacman Jones

pacman jones

Pretty much every run-in with the law involving Pacman took place at a strip club. This dude loved to make it rain, which means he also loved to be around scantily-clad women. Needless to say, he wasn’t there to read them a book.

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24. Joe Namath

joe namath

If Broadway Joe was half as focused with his play on the field as he was with his celebrity lifestyle, he would have been one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He was good-looking, he knew it and he wasn’t afraid to make sure every attractive female in sight was aware of it.

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23. Jerry Buss

jerry buss

The Lakers’ colorful owner was called the Hugh Hefner of the sports world as it was rumored he slept with hundreds of college-age women over the years.

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22. Brett Favre

brett favre
USA Today Sports

There were rumors of Favre cheating on his wife, DeAnna, during his earlier Packers years, but the extent of his faithfulness came out when he sent pictures of his genitals to Jets reporter Jenn Sterger in 2010…when he was 40 years old.

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21. Babe Ruth


The Great Bambino was one of the most cliche Yankees of all time. He loved drinking, smoking, gambling and staying out all night with the prettiest girl at the club. In fact, he got around so much that Yahoo reports he missed the better part of an entire season with syphilis.

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20. Derek Jeter

Source: Anthony Gruppuso- USA Today

The best decision of Jeter's life is probably the fact that he decided to stay single for most of his career. Some people say that keeping up with his dating life was just plain annoying because you never know which celebrity he was going to be with. His longest relationship lasted about three years with Minka Kelly. He's also known for his relationships with Mariah Carey, Jessica Biel and Vanessa Minnillo, among many others.

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19. Magic Johnson

Source: Kirby Lee- USA Today

Magic's love life seemed to be all fun and games as he admitted to having sex with around 300 people per year for a few years. However, his life took a turn in 1991 when he admitted to being infected with HIV. At this point in time, he announced he had "lost count" of his sexual partners and said he had absolutely no idea which woman he got it from.

The devastating news forced him to retire from the sport with the Los Angeles Lakers. 21 years later, Magic is still active with his foundation which attempts to decrease the occurrence of HIV/Aids in vulnerable areas. He was able to get married and have a child who is not HIV positive. Overall, Johnson's reputation went from promiscuous in the 90s to an honorable role model now.

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18. Tiki Barber

Source: Jerry Lai- USA Today

Tiki Barber ditched his wife Ginny for a 23-year old blonde chick that had been featured in Maxim and was an NBC intern. The worst part about Barber's incident is that his wife was eight months pregnant with twins at the time. The couple had been married for 11 years. Eight days after his official divorce, he went and married his mistress. He may not have been on the prowl, but he clearly wasn't a loyal husband.

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17. Cristiano Ronaldo

Source: Kyle Terada- USA Today

Ronaldo's case is also unique because he only has one child. The biggest speculation in his case was the identity of the baby mama. She wasn't seen for the first year or so after her child's birth.

The ultimate ruling was that it was a 25-year-old student that couldn't afford her child, so she let Ronaldo have custody. However, there is speculation that Ronaldo was paying her to keep quiet about who she was.

Besides that, Ronaldo has dated numerous women, including celebrities Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Imogen Thomas. He has now settled down and is in a two-year relationship with Irina Shayk.

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16. Travis Henry

Source: foxnews.com

Henry was a former NFL running back with the Bills, Titans and Broncos. He had 11 kids with 10 different women. He claims that every month, his income is immediately depleted just in order to pay his child support.

Henry had one kid during high school, two during college, six during his NFL career and two after he retired. Oh, and not to mention that he had all of his children before the young age of 28.

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15. Jose Canseco

Source: Mark Baer- USA Today

There has been speculation of Canseco’s extracurricular activities from the start of his baseball career. He was married twice, and both marriages ended due to domestic violence. He also allegedly said that “Madonna wanted his baby”, and he proposed to Lady Gaga via Twitter despite the two having never met.

He also bashed his ex-girlfriend Leila Shennib on Twitter and posted her personal phone number. I think he has finally realized that he wasted too much time messing around with the ladies, and his social life is now on the down-low.

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14. Calvin Murphy

Source: studiobanks.com

Murphy's nickname was "Pocket Rocket" for a while, and his sexual activities clearly represented that. Murphy was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in 1993, and then his life went downhill. He had 14 kids with nine different women.

The worst part about Murphy's situation is that in 2004, he was accused of molesting five of his daughters. A jury found him not guilty, but there is still speculation about the whole incident. Either way you look at it, he was a very big womanizer.

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13. Shawn Kemp

Source: seattlepi.com

Kemp is known as one of the biggest deadbeat dads in sports. He has seven kids with six different women, and it is rumored that there are many more. This just adds onto his legal issues, which includes possession of cocaine, 60 grams of marijuana and a semi-automatic pistol.

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12. Derrick Thomas

Source: profootballhof.com

Derrick Thomas tragically died in 2011 after becoming paralyzed in an auto accident and suffering from a blood clot in his lungs. He had seven kids with five different women. It was expected that there would be a lot of cash to be given to his children when he passed due to his $34 million contract with the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, between $20,000 every month in child support and over $60,000 every month in credit card bills, there was barely any money left to pass on. Oh, and he was only 33 when he died. Clearly, he had relationships with a few too many ladies during his young life.

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11. Lawrence Taylor

Source: blogspot.com

Taylor only has three children and they were all with his ex-wife, but there is kind of a twist to his sexual history that leaves people wondering why type of guy he was.

In January of 2011, Taylor pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and patronizing an underage prostitute. At the time, the girl was only 16-years old, and Taylor denied the accusations at first. He then admitted that he thought she was actually 19, which would have made her legal. The kicker is that due to the incident, Taylor is now an official registered sex offender.

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10. Antonio Cromartie

Source: Howard Smith- USA Today

New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie has nine children with eight different women in a total of six different states. Multiple of the women have sued him for failure to pay child support, and he has numerous unpaid parking tickets. So where is all of his money going? I'm taking a wild guess at more prostitutes or escort services.

Just take a look at Cromartie trying to list all of his kids, and take notice to the fact that four of them are all the same age.

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9. Jason Caffey

Source: blog.al.com

Caffey fathered 10 children with eight different women. In 2007, he was arrested for failure to pay child support for his six-year-old son. He was sent to bankruptcy court to seek protection from creditors, but was denied.

Due to the denial, he was issued a warrant and arrested for failure to pay over $200,000 in child support and legal fees. My question is, why was he only failing to pay for one of his sons? Seems like a sketchy situation to me.

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8. Ben Roethlisberger

Source: Charles LeClaire- USA Today

Roethlisberger doesn't have any illegitimate kids that we know of, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is one out there somewhere. Although he is married now and just had his first child, he was quite the party animal back in the day. He has had three cases involving rape and sexual assault put against him.

All three of them were dropped before he got charged. The first case allegedly involved Roethlisberger paying off the girl that bragged about having sex with the quarterback. His second incident involved the victim asking the district attorney to not press charges, and his third incident never followed through because the girl's dad did not want to press charges. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he paid off all three women.

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7. Evander Holyfield

Source: Kevin Liles- USA Today

As of September, former boxer Evander Holyfield's debt in child support was said to be over $500,000, and he is now forced by the courts to put down almost $3000 a month in order to begin paying off the debts. He has 11 legitimate children with eight different women and is rumored to have a 12th child that is potentially his.

He openly admitted that five of his children were born out of wedlock. However, Holyfield was married to three of the women that he had children with.

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6. Dennis Rodman

Source: Bob Donnan- USA Today

Rodman’s fame to claim was his crazy hairstyles and his insecurity of his sex life. He claims to have had sex with over 2,000 women, including around 500 that were not prostitutes. That’s around 1500 women that he paid to have sex with.

There are claims that his womanizing ways was due to insecurities in his younger years, and his first sexual encounter allegedly happened at the age of 20 with a stripper. Judging by his affinity to crossdressing, I could see the insecurity factor being 100 percent legitimate.

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5. Lenny Dykstra

Source: businessinsider.com

Dykstra has quite the unique history compared to some of the other womanizers. Not only did he lie about his extravaganzas, but he also hid his assets from federal officials, which was ultimately ruled as acting in bad faith.

In 2010, he got charged for writing bad checks ... to hookers. He was also accused of sexual assault against one of his housekeepers -- she claimed that he forced her to perform oral sex.

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4. Alex Rodriguez

Source: The Star Ledger- USA Today

Rodriguez married his wife Cynthia in 2002, but is constantly seen with other women in public. He was known for using the escort services of Madam Kristin Davis, and has had relationships with exotic dancers. Not to mention, his use of steroids proved him a cheater on the field as well as with the ladies.

After an affair with Madonna in 2008, Rodriguez's divorce settlement included a clause to have all extramarital affairs stricken off court records. So basically, he was admitting to the fact that he was cheating. After the divorce, multiple strippers and prostitutes admitted to relations with Rodriguez, and he's been in dating relationships with Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz.

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3. Tiger Woods

Source: Kevin Liles- USA Today

Tiger Woods has one of the most infamous reputations of the 21st century. The better part of Tiger's story is the fact that he was married to Swedish model Elin Nordegren. If you're dating a model, do you really need to be cheating?

Numerous women came out admitting to affairs with Tiger during his marriage. A few of the mistresses were film stars, but others were waitresses from local diners. Now Woods is forbidden to have any of his girlfriends around his kids, and he paid a hefty $110 million for his divorce settlement.

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2. John Daly

Soure: Kyle Terada- USA Today

The world of womanizers is surprisingly large in the sport of golf. Due to the fact that professional golfers compete in around 20 tournaments ever year, it's easy to see how they can get away with it for so long. Daly had four marriages, with all of them ending with divorce.

Edited out of his autobiography in the early 90s, Daly also referenced threesomes and groupies. One wife even installed cameras on the tour bus just to deter him from fooling around with random girls. For someone that honestly isn't that attractive, he must have some wonderful charm.

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1. Wilt Chamberlain

Souce: chicagotribune.com

Probably the biggest womanizer in all of history, Chamberlain sure does deserve the top spot. He allegedly slept with around 20,000 women. Between the age of 15 to his death at 63, that is equivalent to 416 women every year.

So he basically slept with 1.14 women every day for 48 years of his life. Some say his sex drive was due to rejection during his younger years, and others just call him crazy.

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      Throw in the fact that she is a ballbreaker and I guess that 99 percent of the women you see every day are more attractive.

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    ” Even worse, he was never to any of the baby mama’s.”
    The spelling and grammar in these articles is junior high level.

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    If you read “Who’s Your Caddy?” by Rick Reilly, where he caddied for many famous golfers and celebrities….the funniest is when he caddied for John Daley, who drank so many Diet Pepsi’s that he was forced to take a wizz into a giant soft drink cup in the backseat of a Limo where he and Reilly were doing an interview. According to Reilly, Daley had a monster schlong, incredibly huge…which may be why he had no trouble getting dates when he was fat and ugly

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    The author of this article is a hott fucking mess.. Do you have an editor? Do you proof read? Are you slightly slow? Shawn Kemp: ” Even worse, he was never to any of the baby’s mama”. Majic: ” Majic is still active with his foundation, which attempts to decrease the occurrence of HIV/Aids in vulnerable”. Jose Canseco: ” Twitter yet the twohave never met”. I guess the space bar was optional during that description. Derrick Thomas: ” Derrick Thomas tragically died in 2011″. Guess what big guy? NO HE DIDN’T HE DIED IN 2000. Christ now you can’t even do research, but at least you’re trying to be funny by mocking how many kids he had and joking about his lack of funds at the time of his death. Ben Roethlisberger: ” He has had 3 cases against him”. Again you can’t do research your second and third examples are from the same case you IDIOT. That is the college chick in GA who coincidentally knew his exact height and weight like she read his bio. Also, your first example was from Lake Tahoe and the victim’s best friend testified ( on her own accord) that before that incident at the Golf outing the victim wanted her friend to fly to the Burgh with her in hopes of running into Ben so she could have “little Roethlisberger’s”. Yep sounds like she got raped all right. BTW genius rape charges don’t get dropped if there is evidence that corroborates the evidence. Dennis Rodman: ” fame to claim”. either you’re trying too be funny ( which you are not) or you’re dyslexic.Alex Rodriguez: ” Rodriguez married his wife Cynthia in 2002, but constantly seen out with other woman in public”. Your writing skills are spot on Renea. I’m being sarcastic in case you’re slow. Tiger Woods: ” Now Woods is forbidden to have any of his girlfriends around and of his kids and he payed a hefty $110 million for his divorce settlement”. Wow I’m very confused and feel dyslexic after reading these ridiculous sentences that make no sense. In this article you went 6/20 with grammar errors and you had two crucial mishaps reporting false info. This article was a great idea, but the fact that you printed something that has this many errors proves your incompetence and that either you or your editor are really FUCKING DUMB!!! My favorite is Derrick Thomas died in 2011. This major error shows what a joke you’re as a reporter. If you’re an intern I would suggest changing your major bc half ass reporting will send you to the welfare line Renae!!

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    wonder he retired early, he was too exhausted to play anymore. Who knows if 20,000
    is correct but if it’s true there had to have been many threesomes or foursomes or
    many other combinations. Dying at 63, which is an early age, i guess his heart
    couldn’t take anymore.

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