AJ McCarron Calls Out Darnell Dockett After He Tweets At His Girlfriend

By Riley Schmitt
Eileen Blass-USA TODAY

AJ McCarron should be on top of the world right now. He led the Alabama Crimson Tide to another title victory but he wasn’t very happy after the game. He saw that Darnell Dockett was hitting on his girlfriend and he decided that Katherine Webb deserves better than cheap attempts.

After that tweet, I am swearing my undying allegiance to the school of AJ.  Not only did he call out Dockett, he went napalm on him.  There is simply no recovery from that.  Dockett is probably not awake to see that tweet but a college kid just put him in his place.  I mean, if you don’t respect AJ after that, you should reconsider.

You know what?  McCarron has a point.  Maybe Dockett should be more concerned about getting to the playoffs than trying to hit on a girl he sees on TV.  Remember, Dockett had some meltdowns with his teammates this year.  Maybe he should focus on team chemistry instead of trying to steal some other dude’s girl.

I bet Dockett does not take kindly to this.  In fact, I bet he can’t wait until AJ is in the league.  However, AJ has the leg up on him.  I’ll take his two national titles over Dockett any day.  Dockett tried to play coy tonight, but McCarron lit him up.

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