Twitter Explodes With Harsh Reactions to Notre Dame

By Renae Juska
Steve Mitchell- USA Today

I’m sure that you could make a never-ending list of tweets that bashed on Notre Dame’s embarrassing appearance in the BCS National Championship game.

But Kate Upton took it to a new level and bashed the New York Jets while she was at it. Upton’s tweet stated “It’s okay Notre Dame this happened to the Jets every week.” Now that a low blow.

Better yet, Upton admits that she’s a Jets fan. I give her credit for the tweet. Most people don’t try to smack talk on their teams but this year left the Jets with a pathetic 6-10 record thanks to horrible decisions by head coach Rex Ryan.

At least her loyalty to the Jets inspired a genius tweet. I don’t know if there is much good to say Notre Dame’s appearance in Monday’s game. The only positive was that they prevented a shutout unlike the LSU Tigers unsuccessful appearance last year.

I’m even an Irish fan and I enjoyed viewing these tweets, so I’ll give you a couple just for laughs.

And ESPN Analyst Rick Reilly had a funny, yet not horribly harsh tweet that I just have to add.

For those of you that don’t know, Reilly made a comment a while back about Notre Dame not being able to beat USC and that he would polish their helmets if the Irish won. But hey Rick, congrats on making those helmets so shiny! I’m truly shocked that he followed through with it.

And last but not least, the trending topic of the night may have been AJ McCarron’s girlfriend… Which ESPN showed about 100 times to keep the men interested.

My biggest questions regarding tweets: Where is Kirk Herbstreit’s comment? I’m in absolute shock that he didn’t bash on the horrible appearance by the Fighting Irish.



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