Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Amazing Goal Against Celta Vigo

By Riley Schmitt

Cristiano Ronaldo is a wizard with a soccer ball. There is a constant debate about him and Lionel Messi but I think we should all appreciate how lucky we are to watch both of them. On Wednesday, Ronaldo had one of the most absurd goals I’ve seen. This goal simply laughed in the face of physics.

This occurred in Real Madrid’s win over Celta Vigo and I simply can’t stop watching it.  The ball breaks so sharply at the end that it doesn’t make sense.  A soccer ball should not break away like that.  The poor goalie has no chance to stop something like that.

I know it is early in the year but that has to be a candidate for goal of the year.  That simply makes the laws of physics look stupid.  I still can’t figure out how he managed to do something like that.  Then again, I was beyond awful at soccer which would explain why I probably don’t understand what just happened.

You will see this goal all over highlight reels for the next few days.  As often as Americans complain about the sport, there are some pretty interesting things to see.  Soccer matches may be boring at times, but stuff like this makes it worth the watch.  If you can see something so incredible, it makes the time commit well worth it.

I simply can’t imagine being able to guide a ball like that.  I honestly think calling him a wizard with the ball doesn’t do him enough justice.

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