Raccoon Steals Brian Acker's iPhone 4 At Okeeheelee Golf Course

By Riley Schmitt
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Acker thought he was going to have a simple round of golf when he visited Okeeheelee Golf Course in Florida.

Well, he was thought wrong about that.

Acker lost his iPhone during his round – which wouldn’t be much to talk about…except for the fact a raccoon swiped it from him.

The really strange thing about this is that the raccoon has been known to swipe things from the course.  The workers at Okeeheelee had an idea that he was behind it, and they ended up finding the phone in his nest.  It should serve as a decent warning for future golfers though: either keep your phone in your car, or leave it in your golf bag.  Having it sit in the open is just asking for trouble.

I am sure that this is probably not the first time that animal thievery has happened on the golf course, but there can’t be too many stories of raccoons stealing from  pro golfers.  That is what makes this so interesting – you would never think that a raccoon would have the gumption to go into a golf cart and just snag whatever the heck he wants.  It might be weird, but you do have to admire how much guts it takes for an animal to pull something like this off.

I guess we have to be on the lookout for sneaky animals when going out on the golf course these days.  Then again, having something stolen by an animal will certainly get you in the headlines; those headlines aren’t the best thing in the world, but it’s better than nothing.

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