Ryan Potter's Hilariously Terrible HS Football Recruitment Video

By Renae Juska

High school players in every sport make highlight reels and post them onto YouTube in hopes of having it go viral, and getting them recruited. However, some kids should probably just skip that step unless they’re looking for an embarrassment.

Ryan Potter attends Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville, TN. He is their senior cornerback/kicker, but he should probably focus on getting a college degree rather than continuing his football career.

Potter’s highlights consist of kickoffs and extra-point kicks… well, kind of. It mostly involves him running down the field to get blocked, or him falling on the ground for absolutely no reason. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself:


I don’t even know how to describe this mix tape of highlights besides plainly stating that it’s horrible…but hilariously so. That said, the only way that this video could help him succeed is if it were to be played in a comedy club.

According to the team’s statistician, Potter didn’t record a single statistic of any sort in his team’s first 12 games of the season. If he did actually break a record, it would probably be for the most sporadic falls in one season, or the most unnecessary celebrations.

So, if you’re a college scout looking for a someone with a sense of humor, Potter may be your man; but, I wouldn’t want him on the field. On the contrary, seeing that he already has over 133,000 YouTube views on the masterpiece, I’m taking a wild guess that he is pretty content with the viral video.

I don’t know if I’d say the video is more idiotic or hilarious because it’s so bad, but it’s clearly not top-25 recruiting material.

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