Milton Bradley Charged With 13 Counts Of Domestic Abuse

By Riley Schmitt
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The saga of Milton Bradley may have finally reached a somewhat ugly end. The MLB outfielder hasn’t played in the league since 2011 and it appears it will remain that way. He is facing 13 counts of domestic abuse, which could land him in jail for the next 13 years.

Former Chicago Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley has been charged with abusing his estranged wife and faces up to 13 years in jail if convicted.

Los Angeles city prosecutors charged Bradley on Thursday with 13 misdemeanor counts, including assault with a deadly weapon.

The sad thing is that not a lot of people are going to be shocked by this.   I mean, domestic abuse is a big deal but Bradley has never been one to be rational and stable.  He always had odd outbursts on the field and allegations like this really do not strike me as odd.

Of course, nothing is true until it is proven in a court of law.  Bradley could get out of these charges and a lot of us would be wrong about him again.  Sometimes a guy ends up with a bad reputation and it clouds our judgment of him.  I do not think that applies in this case but you never know.

It is a sad deal, regardless.  If he did hit his wife, there is no reason that he should not be in jail.  Violence against women is not a good thing.  It should be stopped.  If Bradley did the crime, he should end up doing all the time that is allowed.

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