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Crazy Half-Court Shot By Atlanta Hawks’ Fan Just Sits On The Rim


Trust me, this shot is going to go down as one of the most insane half-court shots in history. The Atlanta Hawks have a $1000 giveaway during halftime if you can nail a shot from half-court. This fan threw the ball like a football when something nuts went down.


I mean, that is pure insanity.  How do you get the ball to stick on the rim like that?  There is nothing about that shot that is logical, but it ended up working out for him.  The team decided to give him the money, which is the proper call.  If a fan is going to do something like that, you have to reward him.

In fact, that is better than making the shot in my mind.  Any guy can nail a shot from half-court once in a while.  Getting the ball to sit on the rim is a completely different story.  You could go out and shoot that shot 1000 times and you would not be able to do that.  It was just a weird situation that gave us a once in a lifetime video.

You will see this video pop up a lot in the coming days.  Everyone is going to want to see this because it is simply something that should never happen with a basketball.  It is difficult to set a ball on a rim and get it to sit there.  Imagine throwing the ball like a laser and having it happen.  Simply incredible.

I really want to shake this guy’s hand after this.