Jack Nicholson Bails Early On Los Angeles Lakers Game

By Riley Schmitt

Jack Nicholson is probably the most famous Los Angeles Lakers fan out there. You can always find him sitting courtside and rooting on his favorite team. However, this season hasn’t been so kind to the Lakers. They are struggling every night and on Friday night, Nicholson saw enough. Jack actually got up and bailed from the game early.


Adam Sandler also bailed early but that is not the important part of this.  If the Lakers are struggling to the point that Nicholson can’t watch it, it should be a giant red flag for the team.  At this rate, they are not going to make the playoffs.  Who would have guessed that before the season?

Right now, it is just a poorly constructed roster.   It can’t deal with all the health issues that have cropped.  The depth is suspect and the starters are either old, injured or some combination of that.  Dwight Howard might simply never be the same player.  Nerve damage is very tricky to deal with.

This team doesn’t have a young spark or anything that give them that extra boost when they need it.  Their defense is simply horrible.  I know that pro basketball gets knocked for a supposed lack of defense but this team takes that to the extreme.  If your team doesn’t put up 100 on the Lakers, you did something wrong.

The Lakers still have time to turn it around but it is looking less likely every game.  Maybe they should let Jack coach the team for a few games.  It probably can’t be worse than this.

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