Brent Musburger Calls Holly Rowe "Smokin"

By Riley Schmitt


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it is just me, but Brent Musburger has become seriously entertaining over the last month.  Last week, he happened to point out how attractive Katherine Webb was.  He ended up having to apologize for that.  On Monday, he signed off a broadcast by thanking Holly Rowe, who he said was really “smokin.”

Musburger is a pretty smart guy so I have to imagine that he was just trolling the heck out of everyone.  Personally, I thought there was no need for an apology.  Heck, even Webb had no problem with the comments that Musburger made.  He pointed out that a very attractive woman happened to be very attractive.  What is wrong with that exactly?

Side note here.  I was at a bar with some friends during the Webb incident.  The entire bar broke out in applause when ESPN went to an extended shot of her on camera.  I couldn’t even hear what Musburger was saying over the applause.  He was pretty much saying whatever everyone was thinking.  She is extremely good looking and she should be complimented on those looks.

I don’t think he will get in to trouble for this comment, but someone will probably make a big deal out of this.  It is the time that we live in.  Everyone is always ready to blow up an issue and make it a giant talking point.  He was just having some fun tonight and hopefully people take it as such.  If he has to apologize again, we have some serious issues right now.

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